Monday, August 14, 2006

Perfect Birthday Weekend

This past weekend, Raj's birthday weekend (Happy Birthday Sweetie!!), was so much fun! The weather was gorgeous and the temperature was perfect. Raj and I spent most of the weekend outside in Central Park with a bunch of our friends. On Saturday, we spent almost the entire day sprawled out on blankets in Sheep's Meadow snacking on a picnic of Whole Food's pastas and salads, crackers and cheese, and pringles. Thanks to Raj's inspirational pre-picnic purchase of a whiffle ball and bat (I was dubious), we ended up running around in the sunshine in a spirited game of whiffle ball. There was also plenty of lazing around, resting on each other's bodies, chatting, and people watching.

Saturday night, my girl friend, Kayli, and I got mad girlfriend points by encouraging our boys to go off to a soccer game and drink as many beers as their hearts desired. While the boys were off playing, Kayli and I grabbed a bite to eat and then saw Step Up, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. I love movies about dancers, especially ballet dancers. I'm not sure how to describe the genre that Step Up fits into, but whatever it is, I find it very entertaining.

Jenna Dewan, who played the privileged ballet dancer at the Art School, was cute, likable, pulled off the dancing, and had an awesome wardrobe that I totally would have worn had I been a dancer.

Tatum Channing, as the boy from the wrong side of the tracks with an innate ability to move, was flat out irresistible. He has the magnetic tough guy with a sensitive streak down pat, and the girls in the theatre were going crazy watching him light up the screen. There were a couple of times I think all the ladies in the theatre collectively nearly swooned, Kayli and I among them.

Sunday was more Central Park action, watching Desi-Techno at Summer Stage and lazing around, again, in the sunshine. The Park is so beautiful up by 72nd street; huge Elm trees, shaded lawns, and people roller blading, drumming, dancing, and strolling around.

After the park, Raj and I went with Kayli and her boyfriend to a tapas place on the UWS where we were able to secure outside seating. The night, like the day, was perfect; we ordered a second bottle of wine between the four of us just so we could prolong the evening. Based on our conversation last night, I think Raj and I decided on looking at the UWS instead of Brooklyn when our lease is up at the end of October. Yippee!! I am so excited about the idea of living up there. I love it!

Today is Raj's actual birthday, and to celebrate I'm taking him out to dinner. Only 5.5 more hours to go, so it's back to the grindstone 'til then. Happy Monday!!


Prue said...

What a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday to Raj.

raj said...

thanks babe!

Tracy said...

Yea! Happy b-day to Raj!

I L-O-V-E the UWS. If I were ever to move back to Manhattan, that'd by my neighborhood of choice. Lots of personality, good cafes, and close to Central Park.

Love it!

Ally Bean said...

i haven't played wiffle ball in years. now i want to. it sounds like fun. lucky you.