Friday, August 25, 2006

Bacchus In The House

My brother, Bacchus, was in town last night and he, Raj, and I went to dinner in Union Square and then met up with friends in the UWS. As it was a Thursday, I had expected a quiet dinner and chill after-dinner drinks. Dinner was lovely, but drinks got a bit rowdy. Somehow, instead of sipping wine in a low-key bar, my group ended up barhopping in Frat-land and doing shots at Jake's dilemma surrounded by gyrating 20-somethings. There was even - unfortunately - some cookie tossing at the end of the night.

For the record, I was not involved in the shots, gyrating, or cookie tossing. Bravo to me!

This morning, after letting Bacchus sleep until 11:44 - how nice of a sister am I? - the two of us had brunch at the neighborhood creperie. We had nutella and banana crepes, chocolate croissants, and cafe au laits. So yummy! Raj introduced me to cafe au laits. I eat the creamy layer of foam first with a spoon, after sprinkling it with a layer of sugar, and then slowly sip the naked coffee-milk mixture.

My brother and I had a really good talk over brunch. Who knew he had become so mature and grown-up? He gave me some sound, honest advice, listened to my feelings, asked me about my feelings, was tactful and sensitive, and showed me that he was there for me and was looking out for me.

After brunch, we trekked up to the Empire State Building and took in the mist-shrouded views of the city. I pointed out the gaps in the skyline where the Twin Towers once stood, and we found the shadowy figure of the Statue of Liberty off in the distance.

Then it was off to Grand Central so that Bacchus could catch his train to Connecticut. I kissed him goodbye but didn't feel sad because of the wonderful time we had had together.

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Gypsy said...

What a nice visit! I miss my brother something terrible.