Friday, August 11, 2006

New Addition

Hazard is about 1 year and 3 months old. He chases the cats (2) around the house, in a playful way, but Tex and I decided that that isn't enough. When he can't come to work with us, which is the majority of the time, he just chills at home by himself. I would always feel bad if he is stuck there. We leave him out on the deck in nice weather so he is outside, but still he probably gets lonely. So, last night we got a friend for well it is my birthday present...I will be 24 years old...can't believe it. I am a very caring and sharing person...having MY birthday present be really for Hazard.

I have already taken some pics of him and Hazard...Hazard looks enormous though he is a mere 75 lbs. We will call this one Barker for the sake of the blog and he is a barker. Hazard talks to you, this one barks a minature bark. We will have to change that real quick and have him only bark when a stranger approaches our property like Hazard.

This is our new addition!!! I am very excited especially now that Hazard has a friend and now Tex and I can run or bicycle each with our own pup getting a workout! Yah for puppies! I love dogs, they are truly part of the family and my best friend---friends!

P.S. Hazard is still a pup for sure. Last night when we brought Barker home...I sat on the floor coaxing Barker to come to me on command (yes he's young but it's time to start). Hazard got jealous for a second and came running over to me and sat right in my lap, I couldn't help but laugh and give him a big hug. (Note to self, I will not tell this dog to come sit in my lap, Hazard is far too big now and will pretty much knock me over)!


Buttercup said...

Bean, He's adorable, but what sad eyes!!

Bean said...
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Bean said...

He is just tired. He is only 5 weeks...a little early to be weaned from mom and given away! He will be happy with us though! He just misses his mom and sibs

Spill The Beans said...

omg, that is an adorable puppy.

My puppy is 100 lbs. of drooling bulldoggy love, lol.

But he still thinks he's the size of your puppy. ;)

Tracy said...


Frapp said...

Awwwwww! Sweet!