Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I woke up this morning as Raj was leaving for work and, even though I was technically late, couldn't bring myself to rush out of the apartment. I showered, put on my minimalist make-up, flipped on the TV, and then sat in a towel on the coffee table totally transfixed by Charmed.

The episode in progress was the one where Cole marries Phoebe in the chapel in the mausoleum. She marries him thinking that he has lost his demonic powers, but of course he hasn't. And for some inexplicable reason - which I never understood since I somehow missed those pivotal episodes years ago - Cole teams up with the Seer and agrees to impregnate Phoebe with a demonic child that will turn her towards evil and bind her to him for eternity.

Poor misguided Cole! If he just trusted Phoebe's love and come clean about his returned demonic powers, I think he could have convinced her to marry him even with his Balthazar half. But, no, Cole didn't want to do that. Instead of being honest, he tricked Phoebe into marrying him under false pretenses. Phoebe could have forgiven Cole his past mistakes, but his continuing dishonesty? Of course that was going to break her heart and irrevocably destroy any chance they had to be happy together.

In the episode, Cole also tells Phoebe that he's gotten a job at a large law firm and "gone corporate" as a way of explaining his sudden increase in disposable income, including a new porsche that he claims is a "company car," and gifts of fancy hotel rooms and (demon-poisoned) chocolates. Puh-lease! Foolish Phoebe should have known that even the most dastardly of corporate attorneys don't start tooling around in Porsches after one day of work.

Just as the tainted chocolates are having their affect and making both Phoebe and Piper (who ate one of the chocolates intended for Phoebe) act like wanton succubi, I had to leave for work without seeing what happened. Ugh!

I used to watch Charmed religiously on Sunday nights, and spent many a pleasant evening curled up on the sofa immersed in their world of magical powers, good triumphing over evil, and unbreakable sisterhood. This was of course before the ridiculous storyline with the Avatars, the death of Phoebe and Cole's love, and the appearance of that silly blonde witch who I never quite warmed up to.

Ah, to have magical powers. My power, unquestionably, would be telekinesis, the ability to move objects with your mind, like Prue and Courtney Cox in Misfits of Science.

What magical power would you choose?


Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

that was the most awesome post to read lunch by!

I think my magical power would be the ability to change shape; it would be interesting to see how other people, animals, etc., live.

gravelly said...

I would snap my fingers and make anyone I wanted to see come instantly to me, for dinners, movies, etc. Could be friends from afar or one or all of my kids. That would be so cool and so conforting!!

Buttercup said...

Janet, That would be a pretty awesome one for the reason you suggest. I think I would turn myself into a fly and conduct recon missions.

Gypsy said...

I've always liked Wonder Woman's lasso, so that would be neat to have.

As for a magical power, without the need for a prop? Telepathy.

Ally Bean said...

i guess you already know this, but i'll say it again 'cuz i'm here. i want to have Piper's power to vanquish evil in a *poof* of flames.

damn, i'd be good.

wordnerd said...

hmm...most excellent question Buttercup...I would probably have to choose flying...because seriously...would anything be cooler than being able to get around without the assistance of planes, trains and automobiles? I'd totally turn into a Superman-like stalker....then I'd totally get arrested...so I'd have to choose someone REALLY HOT to spy on!

Bubbles said...

I somehow posted this below... the computer is acting a little bit wacky.

I would choose to teleport -- or whatever they call it when leo and paige do it. It has nothing to do with fighting evil-- I just want to be able to be at home whenever I want/need to.

Buttercup said...

All, those are some great ones! If only magic existed... I would for sure become a crime-fighting superhero instead of Dragon Lady's bi-atch.