Friday, August 18, 2006


Here are some of the reasons why this Friday kicks ass:

1) I went climbing last night and I had a great time. I went with a small group of summers and associates for a firm event that included climbing for 2 hours in a climbing gym and then pub food and beers afterwards. This was unusual for me because (a) I hate my firm, (b) I hate summers, with a few exceptions, and (c) I'm usually too drained during the week from work to do anything more active than going to the gym or snuggling with Raj on the couch.

This was the second time I have gone climbing in a gym. I've been bouldering outside and loved it but I've never done anything requiring equipment before. The aspects I enjoy about climbing are that you need to problem solve as you go, it's a great work out, and you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you make a move you've been struggling to get, or you complete a climb. I'm up to 5.7s, which I feel pretty good about, and learned how to belay yesterday so should now be able to go with a partner more regularly. I want to become awesome at it and then go for climbs outside. How awesome would that be?

2) I got nineteen visitors (who commented) to my blog yesterday for Thursday Thirteen! Bu-yah!! I love visitors and comments. I started blogging in February and this experience has been so rewarding and fun for me. I love the writing, the self-reflection, the bonding with my little sister, communicating with friends, and the sense of community and female empowerment that are all part of blogging for me. It's something that makes me happy each day to do, and I look forward to it. Keep coming with the comments and visiting. For those of you who visit but don't comment, say hi sometime!

3) Dragon Lady is not here today!! Fabulous! I had a meeting with her yesterday, and shocker of shockers, it actually went well. Meaning, she didn't glare or yell at me once! We even made half-way pleasant non-awkward small talk for a minute. It was like she was human. I walked out of her office feeling better than I did when I went in. That never happens.

4) This weekend is going to be fun-filled and productive. I'm going for a haircut and potential coloring to get rid of this damn grey. I hate grey hairs and I'm sick to death of peering at them in my mirror. I'm also having my third laser hair removal appointment. I wish I could drink beforehand but then I might be buzzed for my haircut and I need to be dead sober for that to keep the hairstylist in line. Thankfully, the pain from the laser goes away quickly. I have a bookclub meeting on Sunday, and Raj and I are going on a dinner/movie date tonight, and tomorrow we'll probably see some friends.

5) For once I completed the book I was supposed to read for my book club, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," the book that Bladerunner is based on. Though I didn't love the movie, and have yet to finish it, I really enjoyed the book. It questions what it is to be human (maybe Dragon Lady is an android????) and, like the Terminator movies (my all time favorite being T2), made me feel compassion for androids (but not Dragon Lady).

6) If you scroll down to the end of my blog, you'll see that I added a countdown until the day I'm going to give my two-weeks notice. Pretty awesome. I'm supremely impressed with myself that I figured out - through much trial and error - how to add that to my blog. Now if only I could figure out that auto-link thing I'd be all set.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Gypsy said...

Yay for comments! It's nice to be noticed. :)

Sounds like all is well in your world today, and I'm glad.

Tracy said...

Hi Buttercuppy! Fun post! I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday--it sounds like it's going great--and a wonderful weekend with the Rajster.

Chi said...


Visitors & Comments are really nice, aren't they? I am addicted to blogging & have enjoyed visiting yours very much. *s*

Thanks for stopping by by place today...have a great weekend!

Renee said...

Thanks for coming to my party today. It was so lovely to meet you and your goodies were very good.

Spill The Beans said...

I loved that book. The chef gave me a stack of books he wanted me to read (I did the same, to him). That was one of them, and I put it off for a long time. But when I read it, I really truly loved it.

Buttercup said...

Trouble, me too!!