Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movies, NCAA, and Hazard

A week ago I was ecstatic…my mom was on a plane to see me for a whole week. She left last night and is now with Buttercup. We had a blast together. We saw three movies, 2 with Tex, and one solo with just my Mom. The Hills Have Eyes was a good movie, genuine horror…meaning, stupid people doing everything they shouldn’t do. Eight Below was good. I love dogs, absolutely love them, so inevitably, I cried. I would never be able to leave my dog behind anywhere! Last but not least, The World’s Fastest Indian. This movie was good; Anthony Hopkins is always an excellent actor.

If anyone watches NCAA, I got you all beat…ESPN locked me out, so I was unable to get me final picks into the “competition” of friends and family online. But I was able to find tickets online, so Saturday night my Mom, Tex, and I were off to the NCAA. It was awesome. First game was Boston College vs. Montana. In a full crowd of Montana fans, literally, Boston College was booed when they came out on the court or shot the ball… My Mom and I cheered on Boston College from the start of the game till the finish. And I had a grin on my face when each and every Montana fan was let down by their team. Boston College opened a can of whoop-ass and beat them not just by one basket. Second game was Gonzaga vs. Indiana…I have never heard about Gonzaga prior to this tournament, but they were unbelievable on the court. Both teams played great on the court. Gonzaga is now moving up in the bracket.

Hazard had a great time…my Mom would walk up the driveway or on the grass and I would stand about 30 feet away, Hazard would run back and forth and back and forth. He loves my Mom and the attention he gets from her. We “sat” for my cousin’s dog to see if perhaps Hazard could have a friend to play with more frequently. This blew up in my face. Hazard isn’t neutered so all he wanted to do was “get her done…” I was happy that he still obeyed with such distractions like his hormones and this female “piece of meat” (Buttercup: he is a dog, they don’t converse prior to sexual engagement, so yes this female dog was strictly a piece of meat to Hazard). Fortunately this did not happen, well he “got on her” a little bit and then we separated the dogs for bedtime. The next morning between my Mom saying “You’re crazy. Hazard is a perfect dog and you are going to ruin him.” And Tex saying “I am not walking that dog, you can take care of both…we are not keeping this dog”… I was very comfortable to drop my cousin’s dog back off at his place.

I felt badly for Hazard unable to control himself and now seeing how he reacts to females at least when brought to the house, Tex and I agree that we need to take care of this issue while he is still a pup. Instead of ruining Hazard by getting another dog, we are going to completely deplete his chances of performing in a competition, and breeding this wonderful dog. He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow and they are going to snip him of his manhood, his desire for “booty”, but I am hoping it doesn’t strip him of his awesome personality, and slim handsome figure. If he gets fat I am going to be pissed.

So today, a week after my Mom coming into town, I have a headache from lack of sleep and the sadness of her leaving me. I brought Hazard to work with me to keep me company but I absolutely feel horrible that he is going to go in to the vet tomorrow and have his testicles removed. Each time I look at him, I am grateful that tranquilizers and painkillers do exist, because he is going to be knocked out completely for that procedure. The NCAA games rocked or rather Boston College and Gonzaga rocked, and even though I didn’t win in the online competition, I saw two games with my Mom that I will never forget. ( I found some cool pictures but am unable to upload them now...maybe next post.)


Buttercup said...

Mom arrived safe and sound. Impressively, she figured out how to turn on the TV, the computer, AND how to light the gas stove so she's been doing ok relaxing in my apartment while I've been at work.

Bean said...

Wow! Mom's very Impressive. I talked to her a little while ago. Have fun with her! You have your week made out for you with moving and hanging out with Mom, etc. Don't forget I AM goodwill. Look at my other comments! (all caught up!)

Miss Nibbles said...

Oh man... I totally think you should have kept his manhood and just got him a girl that'd give him puppies. Puppies are good.

Miss Nibbles

Buttercup said...

Miss Nibbles - But then you have to WALK all the puppies. It's probably not as hard as taking care of babies (:) ), but it's still got to be a TON of work!