Monday, March 27, 2006

Dishonourable "Honour Killing" in Italy

Every now and then, I come across a story that makes me want to snatch up all the men in the world (except for those proven to be good and worthy) and beat the living shit out of them until I turn them all into unrecognizable piles of bloody pulp. My brothers, father, boyfriend, and other men I know and love, excluded (and yours as well, if you can vouch for them). Today I came across such a story: "Mafioso Shoots Sisters Over "Dishonour."

In Italy this weekend, 24 year old Giovanni Morabito, a member of the Calabrian Mafia, shot his sister, Bruna (32), 4 times in the face in an effort to murder her for having a child out of wedlock. Amazingly, the sister is still alive. She had given birth two weeks ago. The despicable prick of a brother showed no remorse and admitted:
I shot her, I shot my sister...She had a child by a man she was not married to. It is a question of honour. I would have shot her in the back, but she turned round. I am not sorry. On the contrary, I am proud of what I did. [I waited until she had given birth because under Mafia code] you don't kill pregnant women.
This man deserves to have his testicles and penis cut off and fed to him while he is alive to know what he is eating. We'll see then if he continues to feel pride for shooting his INNOCENT sister in the face 4 fucking times. Somehow, I think that if the punishment for honour killings was castration, we would see a lot less of them. This story makes me furious because it is so unjust.

Investigators believe that the sister was targeted, not only because of the child, but also because she had tried to distance herself from her Mafia family. Figures. Honour killings as an excuse used by males to settle unrelated scores are not news. I guess what enrages me the most is that this is an accepted excuse to commit murder. One dick is pissed that another dick put his dick near his sister, mother, daughter. So the first dick shoots the sister, mother, daughter (and sometimes the other dick) to avenge his so-called honour. Where the hell is the honour in killing anyone, least of all your sister, mother, daughter? It makes me want to cry. That poor woman.

How could a brother or father do this to his daughter or sister?


Bean said...

That is so screwed up. What a pathetic worthless piece of meat. The poor sister, I feel really bad for her and her baby.

Ally Bean said...

just because there is a genetic link between two people doesn't mean that they will behave properly toward each other.

the brother is nuts and i can see why the sister is trying to distance herself from the family.

that poor woman. sigh.

Buttercup said...

The brother is nuts, but what's crazy is how frequently this happens. Honour killings happen all over the world. Recently I've been doing a lot of reading about them in Pakistan. Husbands and brothers make up the majority of perpetrators of honour killings there. Of course this should be no surprise because male family members perpetrate DV against women all the time.

So I guess I should not be surprised by the lack of love these men and brothers exhibt. But I still find it so disturbing that it happens at all.

Buttercup said...

And it's more than the lack of love. The men who perpetrate honour killings are not killing in spite of the fact that their victim is their wife/mother/sister but BECAUSE of that relationship. That's what I was getting at.