Thursday, March 23, 2006

All About Hazard

Today was a terrible day. Just 1 month shy of his first birthday, Hazard went under the knife. I hear you Miss Nibbles…I would have rather gotten a female and breed my pup with another lab but 1) I am not financially stable to worry about all of a sudden having pups that need shots/food and may not sell and 2) 2 dogs that mate would be a handful to take care of especially if it means a litter down the road. Poor Hazard had no idea what was going on today. He knew that when I turned on the highway it wasn’t any normal day going to work. He gave me a questioning look. At that point seeing his beautiful face so unknowing of the events to come, tears fell down.

We made it to the vet, Silver Creek Animal Clinic and I cried in the car; almost decided to say fuck it and keep my pup's manhood. But I knew I would get a phone call to reschedule and in the long run, this is better for his health and will avoid any law suit for my stud impregnating another dog (which I would have no money to deal with). He was as puppyish as ever with his facial features and hyperactive qualities. We couldn’t get him to calm down so they gave him a sedative. Well, it didn’t really work. I waited for everyone and their dog to clear the area prior to entering the building after walking him to get some energy out because Hazard would want some booty or want to play. The sedative did nothing to calm his hormones when a female was around. The vet came out again and gave him some pain medication to see if that would work, and in 15 minutes he was feeling calm. So I walked him to a cage in the back and said goodbye.

Then I cried some more on the way to work feeling very guilty for doing this.

They said he would be ready at the earliest at 3 pm…I got a call at 12:00 saying that Hazard really wanted to go home. The tranqs had worn off quite a bit. My pup always talks like “Arrr, arrr…” (kind of like a Scooby Doo talk), I was nervous that taking his manhood would hurt his personality and verbal abilities, but no, I went to pick up my “baby boy” and I could hear him talking up a storm in the back. He stopped talking as soon as he heard my voice approaching. It was difficult for him to get in the car…but he made it. He has to wear a “volcano thing” around his neck so he doesn’t lick himself.

I feel absolutely horrible and hopefully over the next two weeks, he will be back to my precious pup; playful, and talkative. I hate looking at him with his big eyes looking at me thinking “what did you do to me?” I want to cry every time. More so today seeing his pain, I don’t want to have kids for a long time…Granted I won’t neuter them, but I know I will be more passionate about them than my pup (if you could believe that) and that means many more times of crying and perhaps times of feeling helpless.

These are actual pics of my precious pup. I love him so much. Figured it would be nice to use real ones instead of random pics.


Buttercup said...

Poor Duke. He'll recover. You have to be responsible since he's your pet, and that's what you're doing. The other alternative would be for him to run amock impregnating little ladies and producing a bunch of illegitimate pups. No good.

Bean said...

Yeah he seems to be recooping. Still feel horrible, I hate it when he's in pain.

Miss Nibbles said...

A beautiful boy.

Miss Nibbles