Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fill Up The Tank!

My mom drove me anywhere and everywhere when I was growing up so I never had to fill up the tank, or bring the car in for a maintenance check. Even though I didn’t have those responsibilities growing up, when I finally got my first car, a sweet 6 cylinder, AWD, Audi, it was easy to take care of it. I never broke down, ran out of gas, or ran it out of oil.

Women vs. Men…very different story than myself. Tex likes to think he takes care of everything, but regardless of his “efforts,” some things just don’t get done. The first time Tex and I ever hung out, he picked me up in his pick-up truck and he was taking me out somewhere in Park City. So, on our journey up the canyon from Salt Lake, suddenly the truck starts sounding a bit strange. By the time we hit the peak at Parleys, the truck breaks down. It had run out of oil. The whole engine gone. Tex looked very confused as to why his truck broke down as well as embarrassed. I was a little concerned but thought poor guy, I better not make him feel like shit and make fun of him, and so I was polite as we walked down the mountainside in sandals (I would have otherwise not worn if I had known I would be in this situation). Everything worked out fine that day seeing that we are now married, but we have come to some consistent issues pertaining to that now fateful day Tex ran his truck dead.

Men: what is wrong with them? Why do they pretend they have everything in order when really they do not? Now five years later, on a Monday morning I wake up in the morning, go to get ready for work, grab my stuff and I’m out the door when I hear Tex saying “Wait I need to make sure my Jeep starts.” I think to myself, “Make sure? It’s a 2000, take care of your shit and you won’t need to 'make sure'”. …The engine doesn’t turn and start right up. Regardless of all the other signs slapping him on his face from the previous 4 times this year that he’s used my car because he’s out of gas, he “thought he could make it just a little more with the idle on E. It’s a Jeep.” The things that irritates the hell out of me is the fact, we have $ to fill up our tanks, but Tex is just flat out LAZY. It would be easier if Mickey D's had a sign, like the one right here, "Eat here, get gas." That way his lazy ass could eat his quarter pounder while filling up.

Bottom line: Being married is very humorous and strange. I used to like that line “in five years from now, you’ll be laughing at....” But I don't anymore...it's been five years, I can't laugh about the same thing over and over again for five years straight. I love him but Tex drives me nuts. He will soon find a bright red sticker (permanently) on his dash board so everyone including himself will see it reading “FILL UP YOUR TANK OR WALK”; I am done giving him a ride. I don't know any other ways. Any other way, please feel free to comment.


Buttercup said...

Bean, one of the things about living in New York is that I LONG for the days when I had a car. That glorious year in Detroit. Usually I don't notice because I'm so busy running around, taking the subways, and more cabs than Boyfriend likes. But deep down I still miss my electric blue neon. I even miss worrying about it, just a little bit.

Buttercup said...

This also reminds me of how Mom would always yell at me for driving the volvo until it was in the red past E. She always used the midway mark as her "E" line, and filled up the tank every time the tank went below mid-level. Ultimately, neither way ends up saving more money or time, and Mom's way eliminates the possiblity of running out of gas. Maybe you should get Tex to adopt that way of viewing his gas tank?