Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Runway: Go Chloe!!

OMG! Tonight is the second and last part of the Season Finale of Project Runway!! It airs tonight at 10 pm EST on Bravo (Part I of the Season Finale airs at 9 pm on Bravo). Luckily, because Lost is a repeat tonight, it won't conflict with me watching Parts I and II back-to-back tonight. Yippee! What's better than friends, a bottle of wine, and ripping apart or applauding the contestants newest creations (or antics)?

I'm rooting for Chloe, but expect her to have some stiff competition from Daniel V. (although Tim Gunn didn't seem that impressed with Daniel's collection). Chloe is adorable, but more importantly she seems to have a real sense for the types of clothes that flatter the female form. Lord knows many designers lack this basic quality. Daniel is creative but did you see that brown and red monstrosity that he made for Chloe?? Hideous! Plus, I don't want to see Chloe cry again.

I fervently hope that Santino does not win, though I do feel just a touch of warmth for him in light of the humanizing portrayal of him in Part I of the finale. Santino just seems too much like an Emperor's New Clothes phenomenom: Everyone oohs and ahhs because it's "creative" and has a "veiwpoint," instead of saying the truth, that his creations are completely impractical, unattractive, and in more than a few instances, downright horrendous. See picture. I am more than a little concerned though because his collection, at least on the rack, looked pretty damn good. He seems to have suddenly realized that the objective of fashion is not to turn women into overstuffed bedazzled turkeys. I hate to admit it, but I think I might even like some of his pieces. E-gads!

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Bean said...

That is horrendous, as reading I couldn't help but notice how ugly and unflattering that is and hope he doesn't win. I haven't watched any of the show, but that pic says it all.