Wednesday, July 25, 2007

White Stripes Rocked

The White Stripes concert tonight at Madison Square Garden was SICK! I thought Ani rocked, and she did, but Jack and Meg White really ROCKED. Parts of the show - like "7 Nation Army" with the spotlights shining on the disco ball, spinning red and white starbursts of light out across the entire expanse of the arena, highlighting the sea of people screaming, clapping, and waving their arms while Jack stood over the crowd - were unreal.

The show has converted me from someone who appreciated their music but just didn't get them or the whole ambiguous sister-brother, wife-husband relationship thing, to a fan who now couldn't care less if there was actual incest afoot. That is how good they were.

Whatever it was that brought them together, they're dynamic is an integral, fascinating part of their music. It's awesome that two people with a drum set and a guitar can create that level of intensity. Jack White is Rock Star. It's that simple. I now understand what Renee Zellweger saw in him. He has incredible stage presence, his guitar playing was awe-inspiring, he switched effortlessly between the guitar, the keyboard, and singing, and his raw energy appeared limitless. At certain times during the show, it felt like he was playing around, inside of, and through me. Streams of vibrations were thudding against my chest and throat. Sex crossed my mind.

Jack was also, endearingly, pretty low key and chill for performing in Madison Square Garden. I got the sense that he was happy to be there, happy about the fans, but not overly impressed with MSG. He referred to it as a "bar" that he and Meg hadn't played in before which was kind of cute.

Meg, to my surprise, also kicked ass. Her drumming was good, and her voice sounded great on the one song she performed. Going into the concert I had clearly underestimated her talents. She's a key part of the performance, not just for the drumming and the occasional vocals, but also for what she adds to the overall look and feel of the band. She's a damn sexy drummer, and the way they had the lighting set up for most of the show with a shadow of her silhouette blown up against the background of the stage, makes me think they're quite conscious of her sex appeal.

She worked it, he worked it, and it was all awesome. Dutch and Wood, you were so right about them.


wordnerd said...

perfect post about Meg and Jack. You know, I wasn't totally convinced either before seeing them live...yea, SURE they have a few good songs...and I recognize the talent....but now..I get it.

PS - did Meg really sing well? Seriously....she was god awful in Halifax....dead sexy though! I'd date her in a heartbeat!

Gypsy said...

I loved the duet Jack did with, of all people, Loretta Lynn.

Buttercup said...

Gypsy - I don't think I've heard that duet but I could see how it would be great. They played "Jolene" last night, the Dolly Parton cover, which I love.

WN - YES, meg's voice actually sounded really good. She had depth, volume, stage presence, and everyone loved her. After seeing them perform I now have a sneaky suspicion that Meg (and probbaly Jack as well) is pretty cool. I would also totally date her, or at least make out with her.

Sparky Duck said...

I always thought Meg was an underrated drummer and while Jack is odd, they just have to kick ass in person.

Starshine said...

You're making the rounds at concerts this summer, huh? Any other concerts in the cue?

When I lived in NYC, the funnest concert I went to was Garth Brooks in Central Park with a special appearance by Billy Joel. I'm not a huge country-western person, but Garth amazed me at how he could change genres on a dime and sounded amazing in each style he sang.

willow said...

Hey buttercup

This may be a bit weird. But I got a question.
Found this pic in one of your old blogs, and want to know who this guy is??

Could tell me his name?
You wrote it´s your favorite indian guy..

thanks for your help


Willow said...

Hey Buttercup,
Who's the other Willow? I'm just letting you know that that wasn't me!

I was just stopping by and was going to say that I haven't ever really listened to the White Stripes. After reading yours and WN's posts on them though, I'm definitely interested in hearing them!

I find the secret Willow, odd, don't you?

willow = bollywillow said...

Sorry, I didn´t want to disturb or confuse you..

I don´t know this blog and either the people here. So I didn´t know that there is already somebody using that nic.
And willow is just my nic in some forums. so sorry for the confusion. then you can call me bollywillow.

I´m from germany and was searching something in the net and just found that pic of that man in this blog.
So I thought I could ask here who he is..

So, I won´t disturb you guys.

Buttercup said...

Bollywillow - Hey! Welcome. The pic that you found is of Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder Suresh on Heroes. A thing of beauty, no? :)

bollywillow said...

Hello buttercup...
Thanks a lot! He´s a hearthrob, really stunning.
Heroes will start this fall here in germany. So I will have the pleasure to see him too ;-)

Do you like indian actors? Do you know Shahrukh Khan? He´s just amazingly sexy ;-)

Thanks again!

Buttercup said...

Bollywillow, Yes, I kind of dig Indian boys. It's a weakness and I blame my last boyfriend for this unfortunate affliction. They are damn cute to look at thought. Is Sahkrukh Khan a bollywood actor? What's he been in? Do you have a blog?

Willow said...

Greetings from another Willow:) I hope I didn't offend you in any way. It was just a surprise, to see another Willow--a nice surprise, of course! I love the show Heroes, so when it comes to Germany I would definitely reccommend watching.

bollywillow said...

No, buttercup. I don´t have a blog. Guess I wouldn´t have the time for it...
Oh yes, there are a lot of cute hot indian guys.
Shahrukh Khan is the most famous bollywood actor there. You should have a look in the web.. google him. Very yummie, for my taste...

bollywillow said...

thank you willow. I will definitely watch Heroes. No, you didn´t offend me in any way. No problem, it was just curios for both of us because of the name.. ;-)

Karianne said...