Sunday, July 15, 2007


In the nearly year and a half I've been blogging, I've rarely been at a loss as to what to write about. Usually, I just sit down at the computer and write whatever comes to mind. More often than not, I end up writing late at night. My late-night blogging has been one of the chief causes - along with my penchant for procrastination (that's what that post was about), my social activities, and my work demands - of me getting way too little sleep lately.

But, my lack of sleep is actually not what this post is about (as I'm just now realizing). This post is about the fact that I'm starting to question what it is that I actually write about and why. Gypsy raised this a while ago, asking What Kind of Blogger Was She? I have the same question because unlike the mommy-bloggers, the burger-bloggers, or the fashion bloggers, I don't have a neat little hook for my blog. My blog is about my life, and my life isn't a neat, hooky package. Gypsy, who writes about similar things, as in her life, suggested that the category of blogger that we fall into are the "Chick Bloggers."

Maybe that's true, but tonight, that category isn't really helping me figure out what to write. I mean, all "Chick Bloggers" are are girls/women who write. Even if that label applied (which I guess it does under my very loose definition), it still would not give a direction to my posts. Maybe the problem here is that, in this moment, I'm getting stuck wondering about what all of you want me to write about. I'm thinking about my readers, and maybe that's stumping me. I won't lie and say I never consider my readers, because in fact you all are quite important to me. I like the feedback, the community, and the camaraderie of sharing my blog with you, and being able to read yours. But usually, in order to keep some integrity on my end, I try to write honestly, off the cuff, about whatever is going on with me, and try to refrain from being too audience-centered.

But tonight, dear readers, I'm wondering what it is about Tout de Suite Buttercup! that interests you. I'm wondering what it is that you come back and visit me for? For a while, my blog had more of a theme and a story line. It was, in short: My job is a nightmare, Help! Then, for a period of time, the theme was more like: I'm making huge life changes; Watch me Transform! But now... Now, I'm just living. I'm still in the transformation stage, but there's not a specific driving force unifying my efforts. There's no arch nemesis to fight against, no seemingly insurmountable hurdle to attempt to triumph over.

Now, my main focuses (which I just realized this past week) are getting acclimated to my new job and getting healthy. I don't feel a desire to write about my job because it's going so amazingly well. Isn't it funny how when people are warm and fuzzy, it leaves a lot less to blog about? About getting healthy, I've written a little, and I could write more, but is that interesting? Is my failure to lose more than a pound last week, and the very real possibility that I will have gained a pound back this way at all engrossing?

There are other things I could and do write about like books, movies, fun places I've been out in the City, things I'm realizing in therapy, and the various men in and out of my life. Are those things interesting to you? What do you want to know about?

I guess the overall issue is that my blog - other than being about my life - has no theme. I suppose that by asking you what you're interested in about me, I'm trying to figure out if there's an overarching theme that brings you all here. I guess I'd like some focus in my blog.

My life is pretty focused right now. It's moving along at a pace at which I'm comfortable. I'm single and having fun every week, if not each day. I'm enjoying New York, I'm getting used to my new job and trying to master it, I'm trying (slowly) to get physically fit again, and I'm contemplating getting a new apartment (things just aren't working out with the bitchy actress or with Sven). I'm trying to learn and to have fun.

All in all, the summer is going well and I feel happy the majority of the time. But I digress. Maybe my problem is that relative happiness is striking me at the moment as less than exciting? Not for me, but for you. Hmmm...

So tell me, why do you come here on occasion? What brings you here? What would you like to know about Buttercup? What, pray tell, is Tout de Suite Buttercup's theme?


bug said...

well cuppie-loo, when you first told me abt this place you phrased it as a way to keep in touch, or at least apprised of your life when time restraints didn't allow for regular emails or phone calls. and that's how i've always thought of your blog -- catching up on the cup. more specifically, i'm probably less interested in the physical steps of your day than with the emotional/spiritual epiphany-style steps, such as "today i realized this." but i know epiphanies don't come everyday...... so. i come by just to see how you are, and leave a note relevant to that day's blog, but always with the same subtext: thinking of you!

Tara said...

I am a perfect stranger who was pointed toward your blog because I love to read blogs in general. Yours is one of the few that I visit daily. Partly because you can put a proper sentence together. Mostly just because I like to hear you think.
It's about common ground for me. We are vastly different people, you and I, but we have the same struggles and dreams. In a way it's about inspiration, and in a way it's about being here for you to lean on, even if you don't know I am there.
There doesn't have to be a theme. I enjoy just reading about you and your day and what ou are thinking about. Every little existential dillemma shared is one more connection made.

sammy b said...

My feelings for your blog are a combination of Bug's and Tara's. I love to use your blog to catch up on your life, since we don't get to talk every day anymore. And I also love to read it because it is entertaining, thoughtful, and well written.

Your blog does have a theme. To me it is about making one's own life as full and positive as it possibly can be. That theme produces posts on topics varying from weight loss and exercise, to your career, to men and relationships, to the terrible things you're having to deal with at that moment, to how yoga improved your subway commute.

Starshine said...

Theme or no theme, the reason I come here is to read about your life. You write in a very open way that lets us see into your heart. That's what keeps me coming back for more. Plus, you're my friend now, and I care about you. :)

Starrlight said...

Hey "just living" is a perfectly fine blog theme! Beats "not living" pretty well ;)

Anonymous said...

I come here to read about your life which is 180ยบ opposite of mine. I like to know what you do and what you're thinking about as you do it. Information, insight and humor. That's why I read this blog.

gravelly said...

I read to find out about what's going on in your LIFE! You don't need a theme...I agree with Tara and the other above entries. We do get to see in your soul AND you have a gift for writing. Stor Kram and manga pussar!!!

Buttercup said...

Wow. I asked you why you come here, and in your responses I was reminded of one of the main reasons I write.

In terms of the theme-less-ness of Tout de Suite Buttercup, I suppose you're right that living is theme enough, although I'm going to think on it a bit more. For now, I'm on to my next post.

Thank you all for continuing to come by here, for leaving comments, and for adding something wonderful to my day.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I think you are a great writer. That's why I come here. A lot of people struggle with the same issues: weight, boys, job, living in a city, roommates. You do so with humor, wit, insight, wisdom, and grace.

Sparky Duck said...

You are a life blogger, through and through. Or, you could call it a stew blog if you want, a little meat, some potatoes, carrots and corn starch to thicken it up every once in a while.

ariess said...

Evidently I'm a little late to comment, as everyone has already said what I was thinking! However, I do want you to know that reading about your life inspires, motivates, and invigorates me. You remind me how similar and different we are, and that's a beautiful thing!

Your friendship means the world to me... and I can't say it enough: Love you, Buttercup!

Gypsy said...

Oh, I don't know. I just like you. :) I like to read what you have to say, whether it's about your day-to-day experiences or deeper philosophical questions or just pure fluff, I enjoy what you say and how you say it.

I think that, whatever you write, you bring a real sense of self and honesty and introspection that few people are capable of. Just keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep reading.