Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scorching in the City

It's hot, steamy, and sluggishly stifling in the City. I made the mistake today of wearing a slim-fitting light grey suit skirt with a navy blue knit top. The top was fine, mainly because the color hid the beads of sweat that started rolling down my back as soon as I walked outside into the oppressive early morning heat.

The skirt was pretty much a disaster. By the time I walked the 8 blocks to the subway, the tight material was riding up my legs, sticky with sweat, causing my thighs to feel like they were wrapped in a shrink-wrapped rubber sausage casing. Standing on the subway platform, weighed down by bags, trying inartfully to straighten out my skirt, engulfed by the humid, stale, hot air of the subway tunnel, I felt beads of sweat start to roll down my legs. Disgusting, right? I didn't sit down on the subway car for fear that my tush would leave sweat marks on the back of my skirt.

These are some of the horrors of working in Manhattan in July.


Caledonia said...

LOL! Here, we just have to worry about what skirt looks better with wellies!

Gypsy said...

That sounds miserable. It's nasty here in FL, too, but I don't have to deal with skirts or subways.

Sparky Duck said...

mmm sweaty legs in the subway. Sounds appetizing.