Saturday, July 21, 2007

Running, Explosions, and Ani

As you could probably tell by the infrequency of my posts last week, I've been incredibly busy. I miss my blog! I miss you all! Mostly, the busy-ness is related to work. I'm doing all these things I've never done before and there's a steep learning curve. At my new firm, it's like I'm a real lawyer! Insanity.

After finally finishing my work this afternoon, I went for an awesome run around the reservoir in Central Park. There's a 1.57 mile loop that goes around the reservoir and I did it THREE times for a grand total of 4.7 miles! After a week of stress-related, late-night binging on creative peanut butter concoctions and tamari roasted almonds, I was incredibly proud of myself for going on the run. Running outside is so much better than running on a treadmill inside a stinky gym.

Now that I'm done with my work, I finally have a chance to post about the Ani concert. It was AWESOME! Awesome, awesome, awesome. She freakin' rocked. I almost didn't go because, as you might have heard, there was an explosion in Manhattan the night of the concert, and it happened two buildings away from mine. That was some nerve-wracking craziness, but thankfully it wasn't a terrorist attack, and it didn't prevent the cabbies from driving to Brooklyn.

Because of the explosion, I got to the show late and missed most of the opening acts. However, I made it in time for Ani and that's really all that mattered. Standing around on my own before Ani came on, in a sea of dread-locked hair, pierces, patchouli, and girls caressing one another, I felt a little out of place and just the tiny-est bit lonely. I'm no longer a college kid with hippy-esque leanings; I'm a boring lawyer. Sometimes, I think that I might be one of the "Napoleons" of Ani's songs; not really, and not on the inside, but I certainly must appear to be that way on the surface at times. None of my friends had wanted to go to the concert, so I had to go on my own, and I think those kind of things - like most things, probably - are more fun shared.

But, the minute Ani took the stage, all of those feelings were banished, and I was overcome with a sense of exhilaration and excitement to be seeing her perform again. Her guitar sounded fierce, her vocals were incredible, and she peppered her set with the usual bits of laughter and stories in between songs. Watching her up there, I was so happy that I had made the decision to go to the concert. One of the things I love about her is the sense of joy she brings to her performances, songs, and commentary, even while singing or talking about profoundly serious issues, such as our infamous President, the state of the world, war, poverty, and issues of race and gender. She's constantly giggling. She sees humour and irony amidst pain and sadness, and that's inspiring.

While the show was going on, I texted myself the playlist and will post that later. The show sparked a lot of feelings and thoughts that I also plan to post about, but at another time. I'm still letting them percolate. One thing I learned at the concert that I had not known is that Ani recently gave birth. How awesome is that? Thirteen years after first listening to her music, I still have a mad girl-crush on her. I hope she's happy. She deserves nothing less.
* * *
By the way, the picture above, which was taken at a different concert than the one that I went to, shows a shot of Ani's fingers wrapped in black electric tape. That's how hard she rocks; she plays so intensely that she has to wrap her fingers in electric tape to keep from shredding them against her guitar strings. That's pretty much one of the most bad-ass things ever.


bug said...

v. cool. can't wait to hear more. xo

Gypsy said...

I know practically nothing about Ani or her music, but the tape? That really does rock.