Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ani's Set List - Celebrate Brooklyn (July 18, 2007)

As promised, here's the set list from Ani's concert in Brooklyn last Wednesday night. It was an awesome mix of older and newer stuff, and she rocked on all the songs. My favorites of the night, although all the songs seriously were fantastic, were "Napoleon," "Shameless," "Gravel," and "Little Plastic Castle."

Not a Pretty Girl and Dilate continue to be my two favorite Ani albums, although I was so inspired by her show that I bought Knuckle Down off of i-tunes and have been listening to it for the past few days. There were two songs from the concert that I didn't recognize and couldn't figure out what their titles were. Anyone know?

1) Manhole - Knuckle Down (2005)
2) Done Wrong - Dilate (1996)
3) You Had Time - Out of Range (1994)
4) Lag Time - Knuckle Down (2005)
5) Napoleon - Dilate (1996)
6) Paradigm - Knuckle Down (2005)
7) Alla This - (New)
8) Subdivision - Reckoning (2001)
9) Lyrics about a Polar Bear (?) - (Don't know the name or album)
10) Lyrics about Insecurity Glaring in the Mirrors (?) - (Don't know the name or album)
11) Everest - Up Up Up Up Up Up (1999)
12) Gravel - Little Plastic Castle (1998)
13) Little Plastic Castle - Little Plastic Castle (1998)
14) 32 Flavors - Not a Pretty Girl (1995)
15) Shameless - Dilate (1996)
16) Overlap - Out of Range (1994)


bug said...

omg -- i'm so jealie. a bunch of those are some of my faves. sounds awesome. how is the new cd?

Buttercup said...

Bug, I know, right? It was so awesome. I would definitely go see her again... like tomorrow if she was in New York again. Maybe a little A2 trip to see Ani if she's playing in that area? That would be sweet.