Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Brad and Angelina Saying Thank You To Namibia

Ok, so fine. I'm a chicken.

I got nervous that I would be slapped with a cease and desist letter, because I'm so sure that Buttercup & Bean is first on People's list of blogs to sue, and fearing for the fate of my blog, I took down the picture of Shiloh. I'll put her back up tomorrow after People has released it's 4.5 million dollar "exclusive" pictures.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Angelina looking beautiful and happy, and Brad looking... well, just ok. I'm not sure what's happened to him. He's almost gotten less hot since dating Angelina. Remember him in "Fight Club"?

Maybe she's so hot that she has been absorbing all of his hotness into herself? Like Rogue in X-Men. Brad still looks handsome though, and I like them together.

Btw, you can't tell in the picture but Angelina's boobs are each about the size of her head. One pregnant day, not any time soon, I too will have (relatively) gigantic bazoongas. Fun.


Gypsy said...

I love that they're giving the money to charity. I don't care what the Jen lovers say -- I love me some Brangelina. Mostly Angelina, but still.

wordnerd said...

Here here!
Hey did you read that celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton ( and Trent at were slapped with cease and desist orders for putting this picture on their website by Time Inc. (awesome websites by the way, on which I spend FAR too much of my time)

I suspect that Time's general counsel must have missed the section on Fair Use in his IP Law Class.

SO cute! (the baby not the counsel)

Ally Bean said...

cute. and already posing for the camera with her little arms just perfect under her cheek. maybe too cute.

Pas said...

here's another take that arrived in my inbox just moments ago

Wood said...

Yeah, those are some breastfeeding boobs for sure.

and yeah, one pregnant and breastfeeding day, yours will be big. but beware: some post-pregnancy and nearly-post-breastfeeding day, they will be smaller than when they started. unfair but true.

wordnerd said...

The Rogue comment made me giggle!
I think you might have a point there.

Buttercup said...

Pas, That was a great article, and so true that b/c Angelina has the funds and fame she was able to turn Namibia into her own personal maternity ward. Whereas women who lack those funds still have high risks of dying in childbirth, particularly women of color.

Wood, Say it ain't so. If my boobs shrunk smaller I would literally have no boobs. Not fair!! Can one stop the shrink by not breastfeeding so long or something like that? Honestly, with their little teeth, I'm not sure how long I could do it anyway. Eventhough I know it's healthy and I of course will for a while. Luckily, I don't have to worry about that now.

Gypsy, I agree, but I also like Jen with Vince. Have you seen the break up yet? If I ever get out of work, that's in my plans.

Wordnerd, See how you freaked me out with talk of lawsuits?

Bean said...

She definitely has some big bongos there. I hoping that when I have a baby, that my boobs will do some freakish thing and get enormous and then stay in between enormous and regular size!

Buttercup said...

Bean, You have great boobs. Why would you want enormous ones? They're hard to run with.