Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Firm Is Trying To Kill Me

Because I am desperately trying to scramble around and do everything I need to do, while not having a complete breakdown, I can't go into the details, but the Firm is in fact officially trying to kill me. Ok, fine. So that's an exaggeration. I haven't slept more than 5 hours during the past few nights, and I'm having that swimmy and vomity feeling in my head and stomach respectfully. I broke down at my desk today and was hyperventilating and in tears.

The Dragon Lady is the biggest fucking bitch that I have ever encountered in my entire life. No surprise, but still I feel that it must be said today. She also has proven herself to not have any heart or soul. Again no surprise.

A crisis developed in my Middle Eastern asylum case during the last few days. It looks like we've fixed it, but in order to do so, we had to move up my clients' interview dates dramatically until next week. I know have a month of work (easily) to do in 7 days.

The Dragon Lady doesn't give a shit. She has asked me to do 5,000 things, in addition to yelling at me for working on a another case - a paying client no less - for 72 hours (from Friday through Sunday) after the Fucking Bitch (that's her new name) TOLD the other partner that he could have me for 72 hours. That's right, this is basically indentured servitude.


If I saw her wandering lost in the desert and she was without water and thirsty, I would not share my water with her. Instead, I would say, KARMA IS A BITCH, ISN'T IT?

Ah, if only impotent rage wasn't impotent.

Pray, chant, do spells, cross your fingers and appeal to all of your Gods, Goddesses and higher powers that justice will prevail and my clients will have a good asylum interview next week. I will be completely heartbroken if we do not get a good outcome on their behalf.

After that, I have one more asylum case, my Tibetan client, going to court the week after. Cross your fingers for her too. Thank God both of the people I'm working with on these cases are fucking amazing women.

Then, a month from now, I want to walk into Fuckingbitch's office and tell her that she can go fuck herself and/or make a complaint against her. Today she asked me when I was telling her that I need to focus for the next 7 days on my asylum case because there was a crisis and the girls are now in IMMINENT risk of physical harm she said in this nasty voice, "So, what do you want, to get of [the Case From Hell]?"


I did tell her, when she was blaming me for having to work on other matters that it was not my decision to have to work on these other matters, and it was not my desire that my asylum case would erupt into a crisis situation. I told the stupid fucking assigning partner that My Case From Hell was going into expert discovery and that I had a ton of work coming up and that I could not take on anything else. BUT THEY REFUSED TO LISTEN. Instead, they said that as much as they encourage associates to take on pro bono, it is not acceptable to do pro bono in place of work for paying clients.

WHAT AN ASSHOLE. Maybe I should tell that to the naive little summer associates who buy all the shit that the firm shovels with respect to how important pro-bono work is?

Ok, gotta go. This vent was helpful. I'm off to listen to "This Place Is a Prison," by Postal Service, do the shit in the most minimal fashion possible that Fuckingbitch wants me to do, so that I can do the work I NEED to do for my asylum case.



Wood said...

for whatever it's worth, dealing with the fucking bitch, the case from hell, and the fucking firm from hell makes for good readin'. this was an excellent post.

Buttercup said...

Wood, Not sure impotent rants qualify as "excellent," but your sweet to say so. You were a huge help the other night, and things went as you said they would. We knocked some heads and persuaded them to see our point of view.

Gypsy said...

She's evil incarnate. I hope you're still looking for other opportunities. And good luck with the asylum cases!

gravelly said...

You should play Daniel Poulter's song "Had a Bad Day" when the F...ing bitch walks into your office! Take a deep breath, you won't have to look at her forever, don't let her get the power, you have it! Go work out, even if it is only an hour, you can pretend you are stomping on her. I love you!

Buttercup said...

Gravelly, Over the weekend I did go running and that's exactly what I did. I pretended I was stomping her face into my treadmill. It was an exhilerating workout.

Dutch said...

you are so going to get dooced.

Buttercup said...

Dutch, What is "dooced"?