Thursday, June 01, 2006

3 Weeks Smoke-Free, Sunset, and Vegas Here I Come

Tomorrow will be 3...I repeat 3 weeks of being a NON-SMOKER! I feel awesome...I am awesome but that is another blog. I can inhale deeper and actually feel the coolness of Oxygen swarm through my lungs like bees parading through their hive. The 1st 2 weeks, I coughed up a good amount of phlegm with black specs in it which is a good sign of my lungs healing themselves and becoming more healthy. My asthma is much less intense than it was when I smoked. My skin...oh my skin!! If any of you never realize how much of your body is affected until you quit. My skin has gotten a lot worse since I quit but it is going through the healing process as well. I have gotten some new acne on my face but I know it is my skin clearing up, from receiving oxygen instead of the usual smoke engulfing my face. Right around my lips I had some wierd you have a picture of this nasty thing on my face, here you go. It literally looked like smoke stuck in my pores. Well, not anymore, the left side cleared up completely and the right side is following the trend getting red and puffy and clearing out! Soon I will have good clear skin along with clear lungs!!!

P.S. If anyone is trying to quit or wants to quit, I urge you to call the 1-888-567-TRUTH. They are very polite and supportive, and work efficiently to help you along the way to be a successful quitter. The last bit I will tell you, I was nervous about gaining weight even though a few pounds wouldn't hurt, but now that I can taste food again, I am finding myself more and more eating healthy because the other junk I ate doesn't taste good anymore. I can taste and smell alot better! I have actually been eating more food, gotten a little leaner, and lost 5 pounds in this past 3 weeks!

Along to more fun things, last night I saw the most beatiful sunset. Close your eyes (jk. you won't be able to read this but imagine)...Behind you is a gigantic mountainside rich with all the shades of green that mother nature has created. Now as you turn to see what is in front of you, you look out over this most beautiful green, lush valley filled with sage, alot of fields and trees, with a few houses, alot of horses and cattle, and even a few llamas! As you follow the ridgeline on the opposite side of the valley, within minutes, the sun escapes the sky and all the clouds become purple, violet, and plum. Streaks of Pink then appeared in this amazing picture outside my window. The pink moved with the wind dipping in and out of the purple. It was awesome to see these colors fill the sky. It was a perfect evening, Tex playing a video game (he doesn't appreciate the beauty of a sunset yet- I still have hope), Hazard lying on the deck enjoying the evening air, and myself in the kitchen watching the beauty of nature unravel outside my window enjoying some "alone" time doing a 1000 piece puzzle...(And what a night filled with purple skies and purple puzzle pieces.) PERFECT! And I didn't even make my own dinner, I gave Tex a hug while he cooked and told him I loved him. He then said he knows my love is true but my assistance would be much appreciated. I declined the invitation to help for the evening and relaxed.

Tomorrow we are going to Vegas to meet up with my Mom and my brother perhaps...brothers. I am very excited to have a day off and get away from Park City for a weekend...Let me rephrase, I am glad to get away from Utah! I have thought ahead and have enough gum for the weekend. I am not sure if I will even enjoy myself in a casino now that I don't smoke and if I am not inhaling the cigarette, I definitely don't want seconds from all the people gambling. So it will be an adventure and a new thing to try. I am sure it won't be that bad though because my mom and brother don't smoke which is great. Well, there are some tid-bits of what's going on and what I am going to do. Have a great day!


Buttercup said...

Beaner, I am SO PROUD of you!!!! I am so happy to hear about all the positive effects of not smoking, and I think it's awesome that you are taking these steps.

I also love your description of the sunset and doing the puzzle while Tex sweetly cooked. "Alone-time" is important, and doing a giant puzzle while admiring the sunset sounds perfect to me. Now if only Raj and I had space for a giant puzzle...or a full-sized couch...or a bedside table...but I digress.


Crazy Lady said...

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