Saturday, June 10, 2006

Holy Britta

Raj: [At the fridge] Sweetie, can you please fill up the britta after you empty it?

Buttercup: [Crouched over the computer] Raj, I do fill up the britta. I've been working the whole day. [16 hours straight, except for 1 hour of nookie time, to be exact].

Raj: It just takes a second. Please, sweetie, just fill it up. [Said as Raj walked over to where I was sitting at the computer, picked up the water bottle that I had painstakenly filled an hour before, and guzzled down half of the bottle while I looked on in disbelief].

Buttercup: That's my water!

Raj: Well, fill up the britta, and I wouldn't have to drink your water.

Buttercup: That's my water. You know I hate when you do that.

Raj: Well, if you filled up the britta, I wouldn't have to.

Buttercup: I can't believe you're giving me grief for not filling up the britta when you know I've been working the whole day and I always fill up the britta. I'm not going to agree to that. Don't drink my water.

Raj: I can drink that water if I want to.

Buttercup: [Becoming more incensed at his blatant display of male entitlement] No, you can't! Just because we live in the same place does not give you the right to drink my water.

Raj: [Laughing] You're acting like a 5-year old.

Buttercup: [Thinking he was laughing at me and not with me, and becoming very, very angry]. Oh, you think this if funny?

Raj: [Laughing] This is the most ridiculous argument we've ever had.

One minute later: Two threats to come on over their and show the other one, and we both started laughing. It's impossible to fight, even over the sacred britta once you've cracked a smile in recognition of how ridiculous the fight truly is. He was right, I was stressed. We snuggled and made up.


Gypsy said...

Oh, do I know those arguments well! Glad you two were able to have a giggle about it.

Tracy said...

Isn't it funny to stand back and watch your own madness? I give y'all major props for keeping a good sense of humor. :)