Monday, June 05, 2006

It's Only Water, Pepe

There have been all these things I've been thinking about the last few days that I wanted to write about, but for one reason or another, suddenly it's Monday morning and I'm at my desk where I'm supposed to be working, and there's no time to write about fun things. Boo. I'll make this quick and give you some more details later.

I had a lovely rainy weekend, even though I was working and couldn't go to Vegas with Bean, my mom and brother. Raj was away in Seattle and I missed him (and I'm very happy to have him back), but I did a lot of alone-time-take-care-of-myself-girly-things that have left me feeling rejuvenated and happy. Plus, I had a break from TV sports watching, which, truth be told, was pretty f-ing awesome. I substituted with a marathon of America's Next Top Model, the First Season (which I had not seen until this weekend!), and threw myself wholeheartedly into the delicious decadent drama. I actually like the winner of the First Season, eventhough I have no idea why she married the middle Brady brother.

My favorite line (from Tyra) was: "People think beauty is something that just is, and that it's not something you have to create. How naive." Spoken while a before and after make-up shot of Tyra's face are shown on the screen, displaying that even the bootylicious Tyra Banks has unmodel like dark circles and uneven skin tone (that's all I could come up with, other than that, she's pretty flawless). Watching hours of America's Next Top Model uninterrupted was something I could not have done, without having to turn back to the Pistons during every commercial break - how stressful! - had Raj been here. (I will admit, though, that I actually watched a little of the Piston's game just to see how they were doing because I knew he and his friend would be excitedly watching it in Seattle. Ah, love).

Saturday was my favorite day. I was uber-productive, but also relaxed and just feeling good. Among other things, I went to my second treatment of laser hair removal (more on that later), I walked through the park in the rain and had a great talk with my brother, went shopping and picked up lavender scented lotions and oils from Crabtree & Evelyn and a yellow and blue button down shirt at J-Crew (a lot cuter than it sounds and also Sweden's colors), and I went to a facial at my most favorite spa in the city, Ohm Spa. God that place is amazing. Bean is the one who found it. Go Bean!! My facialist, N., was awesome. She gave me a fantastic facial and also just boosted my spirits and made me feel even happier than I had been feeling. She told me that I had a beautiful spirit and we laughed together as she kneaded, hydrated, extracted, and made me feel like I was in heaven for a little bit more than an hour.

Also during the last few days I watched a few movies, including "Thirteen," "Just My Luck," and "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." I've been thinking a lot of the movie Thirteen, and it's disturbing portrayal of young girls and destructive relationships between them. It's in stark contrast to SOTTP, which was a solid movie about girls that made me cry. I liked Amber Tamblyn's character and thought her friendship with the young girl was very moving. I saw Just My Luck on my TV, and not in the theatre, because I picked up a burned copy from people who were selling them spread out on blankets for 5$ in Grand Central. Don't make that mistake. Although the guy told me it was "perfect," it was actually filmed from in the movie theatre. In addition to having very distorted sound quality, it also had the dark shadows of people occasionally getting up and walking across my screen. I will refrain from shopping off of blankets in Grand Central for my movies in the future.

Speaking of La Lohan, the other day at the gym I happened to start watching "Freaky Friday" with Lindsay and Jamie Lee Curtis. If you haven't seen that movie, which I hadn't, you have to see it because it is so funny. I was trying to run and I kept laughing so hard that I almost lost my balance a few times on the treadmill. At one point, when Lindsay and Jamie Lee run into each other to try to switch themselves back, I laughed out loud and caught the eye of the girl next to me (because I was a bit embarrassed). The girl said, "I love that part," and we both laughed together. I've decided I have to add Freaky Friday, Parent Trap, and Mean Girls to my movie collection. They all make me laugh and Lindsay, despite all of her trying to be young in Hollywood while being on the edge of self-destruction issues, is a talented actress. Merryl Streep said so herself this morning on the Today Show (Bye, Catie). And speaking of Merryl, I'm looking forward to "Devil Wears Prada."

Now, a note about work. I was put on a new case, an Insurance case. Ech. It turns out that I was right, insurance work is not only evil, it's god-awful boring. My partner on this case is not a heinous bitch, so that's a plus. I had to do 13 hours of doc review over the weekend and was looking forward to hanging out with Raj when he came back last night. However, my plans were foiled by his firm. Though his stupid firm knew that he was gone over the weekend, they still told him he needed to work. When he got back he fired off an email to them and he was told, at 8:00 pm on a Sunday night, that he needed to come into the office to work. He was there until 2:00 am! Can you believe that? Ugh. Not the lifestyle I want for my future. So, after not seeing each other for almost 4 days, we had 30 minutes, of mostly nookie time and snuggling, before he had to leave again to work. To Raj's Firm: You suck.

Because I'm a fantastically awesome girlfriend, while he was working, I baked him chocolate chip cookies (ok, fine, they weren't just for him, they're also for one of my clients who had a really rough weekend, but that's a whole other story) and refrained from watching the last episode of the Sopranos so that Raj and I can watch it together. Yep, I'm awesome.

I hope everyone's Mondays are going as well as can be.

P.S. Prue, you would be so proud of me. I cleaned my whole freaking office on Friday afternoon. When I came in today I was mezmerized by the order and clean lines of the place. Having a tidy work environment really is a nice change. I pressed my "that was easy" button and patted myself on my back.


Gypsy said...

Thirteen was so disturbing, but I'm glad I watched it. I'm with you: the Sisterhood was such a great illustration of what friendships can be. And I absolutely loved Freaky Friday. Jamie Lee is my heroine.

Prue said...

Way to go, Buttercup! Your post today sounded so upbeat - even w/ 13 hours of doc review on a weekend!! I am so happy for you!

Tracy said...

I love the image of you cracking up on the treadmill at the gym, sheepishly looking to see if anyone noticed! Funny! Glad your weekend was refreshing.