Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Brother Is Awesome

Last night I took a quick break to meet my brother, Ditter, at dinner at Bobbie Van's in Midtown, close to where he works when he comes into town from Houston. I arrived before him and waited at the bar for a few minutes. While I was waiting, the bartender, and older gentleman, struck up a conversation with me. I told him that I hated my job, but that I loved some of my work, including my pro bono asylum work. Later, when my brother arrived, I asked to settle up the check. He said it was on him, and I protested, saying he didn't have to do that. He said, "Hey, you do pro bono, I do pro bono too," and smiled. Pretty cool.

Ditter and I talked mostly about work. He's in banking and looking to get into investing. He's so smart, handsome, and strong. He has achieved everything he has set out to do, and he will continue doing so. I am so proud of him. He told me some horror stories from his firm, and I told him about the latest skirmishes with FBH. His advice was to burn her on the way out. As in, writing a letter to the head of the firm explaining that I am leaving because I have found working with her intolerable, and that it was a great dissapointment to discover that my Firm tolerates such ill treatement of associates.

After two glasses of wine, I came home and briefly saw Raj. We have had extremely limited QT time over the last 5 days. He's being remarkably supportive. Then I crashed and slept for 9 hours. Boy did I need it. This morning, I've been churning out work like nobody's business. I've had to stave off additional FBH requests, but I'm holding my ground, although, at her express order, I'm supposed to attend a b.s. meeting at 2:30 with a senior associate about the very matter that I told her I could not work on b/c of my conflict with the pro bono case. We shall see what happens.

We're making great progres on the asylum case, and that's the important thing.


gravelly said...

Butercup, Buttercup, that was so sweet of the bartender, and your brother DOES sound awesome...and sweet. Hold your own at the meeting, you can do it!

Bean said...

Kick ass at the meeting. Glad you and big brother hung out. Im jealous. i haven't seen you all since new years. Hope you are having a good time.

Ally Bean said...

reading this at 4:30 I'm wondering what happened at the meeting.

will wait with bated breath to read the next installment of Buttercup & FBH.

hang in there.

Tracy said...

Keep us updated. This is good drama!