Monday, May 08, 2006

Technically Challenged

Buttercup: This mouse won't work. [Shaking the mouse and pressing all of it's buttons, trying to make the cursor move on my laptop's screen]. What's wrong with your computer?

Raj: [Focused on watching TV]. Why are you breaking my computer?

Buttercup: It won't work. What's wrong with it? [Becoming frustrated. Shaking and now hitting mouse lightly against the desk to see if it would magically click back to life]. Isn't the light supposed to be on on the bottom?

Raj: Seriously, what did you do to the computer? [Becoming concerned, Raj comes over to the desk where I've been sitting working on my laptop infront of the larger desktop computer, and starts checking all the connections to the desktop. Meanwhile, I continue to click and swivel the mouse, but nothing happens on my computer screen. I'm starting to get concerned that I broke the mouse to Raj's desktop].

Buttercup: [Suddenly, and sheepishly] Oh.

Raj: [Still bent down checking the connections]. What?

Buttercup: I'm working on my laptop. [Realizing that of course the mouse to Raj's desktop would not be capable of moving the cursor on my laptop's screen].

Raj: I can't believe you. [Smiling].


Gypsy said...

Ha! That is *so* something I would do. :-)

wordnerd said...

Buttercup....maybe I should start calling you 4%! That sounds exactly like something I'd do too!

Ally Bean said...

lol. too funny.

Tracy said...

:P Tee-hee! Funny!