Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Super Baby Born

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was very nice. Nothing extravagant, just a good mixture of friends, relaxation, productivity, and being outside in the sunshine. On Saturday, my friend Artemis from D.C. was in town and the two of us caught up over glasses of wine and a cheese plate in the West Village. It was wonderful to see her and spend a whole evening girl-talking.

On Sunday, I made Raj breakfast - scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese, coffee, and chicken sausage (the last, only for him) - and then the two of us eased into the day by watching some episodes of Entourage Season II. We started two weeks ago, and I'm now completely hooked. After Entourage, we headed for the Park. It was gorgeous! We strolled around throughout he paths, hung out in Sheep's Meadow, and then strolled some more. Next week, I want to take the subway all the way up to the 100s and explore the top half of the Park, since I've really only made it to the areas between 59th and 80th.

During the rest of the weekend, I saw X-Men (and Women) III, did pilates, hung out on Raj's brother's roof deck in the Meat Packing district, got some work done on my Middle Eastern asylum case, and finished Season II of Entourage. It was leisurely and relaxing. You gotta love three-day weekends. Raj aptly described Entourage as a guy's "Sex in the City." For many of the same reasons, it's pretty addictive. My favorite character is Ari. He's insane, openly manipulative, offensive and abrasive, and a complete spaz. But somehow, he's also endearing and compelling. I also enjoy watching Vince and the rest of the boys. Entourage Season III starts in two weeks!! HBO ROCKS!

I was off the computer for most of the weekend so I missed that Angelina gave birth to Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Watch out world, the super-baby has been born. I kind of like the name "Shiloh," and I love that their baby was a girl. I also really like Brad and Angelina. How could you not? I would work for her in a heartbeat, how cool would that be? I'm thinking more along the lines of her U.N. activities rather than her movie star life.

Now, I'm off to begin the week. Hallelujah, it's a Four Day Week! Yippee!!


Gypsy said...

I like the name Shiloh, too, and I think Angelina is fantastic.

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend! Now I think I need to start watching Entourage. I do love Jeremy Piven.

wordnerd said...

Sounds like a wonderful long weekend. I also saw X-Men III with MD and kinda liked it (despite my intentions to the contrary).

I'm not sure what all the bad hype is with Brad and Angelina, I respect them both tremendously....at least what I know of them.

Entourage is FANTASTIC....funny, i made a crack in my last post about a friend of ours going off to St. Thomas to be part of the Pacific version of Entourage....I swear, I wish I was lying (the only difference is that HBO will not be covering it..and the men are probably slightly less hot).

PS - Glad the 6-month point is so positive this time around!
Have a good 4-day week!

Prue said...

I concur w/ you and Wordnerd. I adore Entourage. It is the best 30 minutes on television.

Prue said...

I forgot to comment on this line - "I also really like Brad and Angelina. How could you not?" I love this post, but I can't let that one go, Buttercup. I adore Brad Pitt, the actor. I think he is the absolute ideal of male physical perfection. And I also think Angelina arguably is the ideal of female physical perfection. (And I also like the name Shiloh). Also, as you say, she has done amazing work for the UN for which she deserves tremendous thanks and appreciation. But I can think of a few reasons one might not like 'Brad and Angelina':

(1) Cavorting around an African beach in full view of photographers an unforgivably short time after Brad & Jen announced their separation, and, according to the media, before Brad had even come clean to Jen about the fact that he was seeing Angelina.

(2) Angelina becoming pregnant an unforgivably short time after Brad's separation from Jen, adding fuel to the rumors that he left Jen because she refused to have his baby. What a ridiculous charge. (Soap box speech ahead) Even if she did want to wait, he should have waited with her. Marriage vows should mean at least that. In a way, such reasoning is a slap in the face to wives everywhere. Should wives just get pregnant the minute their husbands decice they're ready to procreate, without regard for whether the timing is right for both of them? In Brad's world, if the husband gets tired of waiting, he can just get a divorce, and we're supposed to support his decision? Ridiculous.

(3) Not even giving Jen the courtesy of telling her Angelina was pregnant.

(Disclaimer - I admit that the reasons above are based on stories read in magazines and may not be entirely accurate.)

Despite all of this, I will always be a fan of Brad Pitt's movies, b/c if we let our personal opinions of artists/entertainers get in the way of what art we will enjoy or appreciate, we're really short changing ourselves.

Buttercup said...

Prue, Excellent points, and I agree completely that men who dump their wives because their wives are not ready to have a baby are unforgivable cads. But getting back to that idea that Brad and Angelina are two opposing ideals of human perfection... don't you just feel like they are supposed to be together?

I agree that marriage should mean forever, and I applaud Jen for having the strength to get through losing BRAD PITT. I also be that Brad wasn't all that nice to Jen while they were together and I bet they had lots of problems which is why the split. Not an excuse, if they really loved each other they should have been committing to overcoming any difficulties that they had. I guess that they did not really love each other.

Evenso, I can't help thinking Brad and Angelina were fated. Yes, Brad could have and should have behaved more honorably. Truth be told, I like Angelina bettr than Brad. She's the one who has whipped that boy into shape and brought him onto the human rights band wagon. I also like that the two of them seem genuinely committed to raising a family and all the quality time they appear to spend with their children.

Gypsy, Yes, you have to start watching Entourage. I still need to watch season I, so you can still catch up in time for the start of Season III.

Wordnerd, Pacifict Entourage??? Sounds annoying. Don't we have enough OC Laguna beach bikini action? It's a nice change to see stars running around with clothes on.

gravelly said...

Brad Pitt cannot act! In "Troy" he looked like Fabio in the "I Can't believe it is not butter" commercial. Although I am not a fan of his (or Tom Cruise or Dr. Phil), life happens and people deal as well as they can, lots of times people get hurt, but hopefully they go forward stronger and more compassionate.

Buttercup said...

Dude, Brad Pitt did not look anything like Fabio in Troy. I agree that I prefer him a bit less bulky, but still, to say that Brad looked anything like Fabio is very close to committing sacrilege.

wordnerd said...

haha, I guess what I meant to say about the Pacific Entourage....is that it's pretend....(i.e. not being covered by HBO) but my friend Marc REALLY is moving to St. Thomas to work for a trillionaire friend...as his "communications VP"...and to live in his mansion...along with 3 of their other childhood friends....who are "the bodyguard", "the PR guy" and the "computer and technology guy"....I shit you not....not a show...actual real life shit!

Buttercup said...

Wordnerd, That's crazy but I bet your friend is going to have a blast. I wouldn't mind having a trillionaire friend. :)

wordnerd said...

yea, me neither! On the upside he did invite us to go and visit in st. Thomas....which we might now be able to afford given that we won't have to pay for accomodations!

So it's all good...that and the fact that we are "storing" (i.e. using) his wondeful furniture while he is gone!