Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Evil Incarnate

At yesterday's deposition just as we broke for lunch:

Me: We have all of the copies of the exhibits that you need, right?

Dragon Lady: Yeah. (Scowling). But we've got to fix this computer, and figure out how they're labeling exhibits. (As if I screwed up our live feed, and as if I mislabeled the other parties' exhibits).

Me: Ok. (Trying to be a duck and let it all roll off of my back, like Prue). Did you want me to get you a sandwich now, or right before it starts again? (Thinking that maybe she would act like a normal human being and tell me to bring one back for her after I had eaten since I have to eat too. Plus I was meeting Raj).

Dragon Lady: NOW. (Scowls and walks off. No please. No thank you).

At the end of the deposition:

Me: I can take the computer back to the office and arrange for someone to bring it back over here tomorrow morning for you.

Dragon Lady: (Nods). All of these can go into this box, and the box can stay here. (Motioning for me to pack up everything). I've got to go.

Me: (Stares at Dragon Lady's back as she turns, picks up her coat and bag, and walks off. No thank you, no good night, no bye, no parting smile. Nothing).

The joys of this job are endless.


Wood said...

bitch. I'd give her a nasty, icy stare for you if I could.

Gypsy said...

What a hag.

Tracy said...


gravelly said...

What a bitch! She's probably an alcohlic and pissed at the world because she can't take another drink (or hypnote..spelling?). Anyway, don;t let her get to you, that just gives HER the power, and you WANT to keep the power!

Buttercup said...

I do a pretty good job under the circumstances of not letting her get to me too much, but it is impossible to not let her have an affect. She's just a nasty human being.

Surprisingly, and unbelievably, she allegedly does yoga. This is what she told us at a woman's tea. I would think that some of the calm serenity of yoga would have rubbed off, but no.

Miss Nibbles said...

Endless joy. Certainly sounds like it.