Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Morning Goddess: Gayatri


According to this test, I am the hindu goddess, Gayatri, "the many-headed symbol of Devi, or the divine feminine...She is closely associated with the lotus and with feminine beauty. She is a wise and good goddess and carries the weapons and items carried by other gods in her many arms. She is a reasonably good goddess and intellectually inclined, as she can see in all directions from the eyes on her heads."

Which hindu goddess are you?


K said...

I'm Sree Meenakshi and I have three breasts... :|

It appears I am a tom boy who likes to kick ass and will find my true love doing so... then I will lose my third breast.

I imagine with three ta-ta's it wont take long to find my true love. But he's gonna be PO'd when that third falls off.


Buttercup said...

K, That's hilarious.

wordnerd said...

funny, I got the 3rd boob too!