Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kiss My Citizens

I was a bad girl today and skipped out for a few hours to go jeans shopping with Raj's little sister. Not terribly bad because she is leaving the city and this was her last chance to go jeans shopping for some time. In addition, she really needed them, she's a sweetheart and I really like her, and she asked me to help her. Plus, I'm kind of an expert in this area. How could I refuse to share my expertise?

We went to Pookie & Sebastian in midtown, a place where I've often had good luck with jeans shopping. It's so much better than the nightmarish, but enthralling, chaos of Bloomies. It turned out that the ones that she liked best were also a pair that I had had my eye on for some time, the Laetitia Wide Leg Flare - ass pictured above - from Citizens of Humanity (I love COH). The same pair, coincidentally, that my friend Wood also bought a few months ago. They're super flattering, with just a hint of stretch to maximize your curves comfortably, they're long, and they were on SALE! So, I got a pair too. Yeah! I love good shopping days.

After jeans shopping, I had to get back to work because I had an appointment with my asylum clients at 2:00 pm. Raj's sister however, now that she has finished school, had the entire afternoon blissfully free. She headed off to Bloomies to go to Kiehl's, another secret I've shared with her. I discovered Kiehl's when I moved to New York, and I love them. (I'm seeing a theme here). When I first moved here, my skin started breaking out a bit, I think because of the change, and the grime, and the stress. But Kiehl's put everything right with the world (at least with respect to my skin). Their "Foaming Non-Detergent Cleanser" for combination skin is awesome, as is their "Ultra-Moisturizer with SPF."

Kiehl's is a great company because they don't test on animals, support the environment, and appear to have the genuine belief that a good business must be about more than making a profit; a good business must contribute to the community in some way. I like that.


Heather said...

My favorite pair of jeans is COH. I love them. I might marry them.

Miss Nibbles said...

I like pants.

wordnerd said...

(sigh) NY Shopping....sounds like the impossible dream.

Next time I make it there...I am kidnapping you from work for the day so you can show me all the places that tourists miss when they are trying to find their way around.


Buttercup said...

Wordnerd, Sounds like a lovely plan. You're on!

Tracy said...

Will you be my personal jeans shopper? I haven't heard about Citizens, but they sound cool!

Happy Friday!

K said...

I was a fan of COH, but I'm really into Grass denim now. If you see them, try a pair. I think they're great.

Buttercup said...

K, Thanks for the tip about Grass denim. I've never tried them but I'll look out for them.

dutch from sweet juniper said...

if I might interject:

when Wood and I first met Buttercup, she was a facially-pierced anarcho-feminist who wore M.O.M. jeans. this was in 2000. her jeans fit her 60 inch legs just fine, but the waist was armpit high. now, she totally is an expert on buying jeans though.

Buttercup said...

Excuse me Dutch, you are getting moi confused with PAS. Yes, it's true that I was a facially-pierced anarcho-feminist, and it's also true that I did not wear "designer" jeans. I was more partial to the baggy, ripped look.

But for the record, I have not worn jeans that came up past my belly button since the 1980s. And at that time, I was super cool b/c I wore them with legwarmers, and had perfectly crimped hair. Go Madonna!