Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I See Naked People

This springtime, along with other appointments I have made, the cats go to the vet, I get my 6 month cleaning, I also made an appointment to see a dermatologist. I have been getting some red bumps on my neck and face (doesn't look like acne) and I have had some new growths since the last time I have been (7 years ago). 1st off I have been fortunate with my skin, I tan pretty easily, I get some acne, but for the most part, my skin is fair and pretty clear of acne. 2nd, I have never had some scary growths that could be cancerous, so I am very grateful for that...and cross my fingers I never do.

So I arrive at my appointment ready to go with a copy of my insurance card, and forms already filled out with co-pay in hand. The receptionist was impressed. She directs me into the back where the nurse leads me to "the room." I am shy but knowing the doctor will check my body for strange things, I know I must be an adult and get into the robe. I do this leaving my panties and bra on and I elect to keep my shoes and socks on too. (I looked way cuter than this dude over here.)

The doctor comes into the room and begins asking me questions, I tell him I have a wierd "mole" looking growth on my bikini line and of course he wants to see it, so I carefully peel back the robe so he can only see that area above my undies. (Chest with bra of course on and underwear area still intact and covered by my robe). He was a cute doctor, you could tell he kind of laughed/smiled at my shyness. He then says to me, "Dont worry I see many people naked." At that point I didn't know really what to do. I could hide or be mature and let him look around for himself. So, with me still holding my robe in place he scoped out my body for other strange things.

I showed him my other main concern which was a mole that is in the middle of my boobs but dropped down about 1 inch. This "thing" is the reason why I went to the dermatologist 7 years ago, they had sliced it off and it had grown back. Gross, I know. He freeze dried my age spot, and freeze dried 3 more areas, and proceeded to look over my back and my legs to tell me well, "there are some that we will save for your next visit, but why don't we go ahead and numb you up. That one that grew back is bothering me so we are going to punch that one out." (I would have brought Tex to squeeze his hand had I known what they were going to do next).

The nurse injected my "grow-back-mole-reject" with some anestethia a few times. I gritted my teeth and clenched both hands. Then, the doctor re-enters with what looks like one of those cool long eraser things that everyone had when you were in middle schoool. Well, the doctor missed out, he didn't have an eraser, he had a punch thing that he so kindly came over to my chest and punched out my mole. I WASNT NUMB YET. At this point I gritted my teeth more, and I think I said "Holy Shit. Whew, I wasn't ready for that one." He seemed concerned and asked "did you feel that?" And I replied "yes, but if you need to stitch that please hurry, I don't like this." He did as I wished...5 stitches (I didn't wish these but they had to be done)...I gritted my teeth and hung in there while I felt each stitch being made. It hurt. I was very happy that it was over. This was friday, the next two days, I couldn't wear a bra, if I did, it would rub the stitches and hurt badly. But nothing could have prepared me for Monday.

Also, while at the dermatologist, he said the bumps on my neck and face were acne and he had a simple solution for that. He prescribed me "Tetracycline" which is an anti-biotic for acne...one pill in the morning and one in the night. [ON BOTTLE: TAKE ON EMPTY STOMACH, DO NOT DRINK DAIRY]. I like starting medication on a monday so I get into a schedule of taking it in the morning and evening. So, monday morning, I woke up, took a pill, avoided my glass of milk that I love deeply, and continued getting ready for work.

As I blew dry my hair, from my waist down, my legs became numb, I became nauseated, I couldn't keep my eyes open, and my stomach had a piercing pain. I tried to ignore it, so I got in my car and began to drive away to work. I made it to the bottom of my dirt road and began to cry, I couldn't see very well, and the numbness and pain intesified. My chest started to tighten and breathing was becoming hard. I called my husband and he hurried down to me.

Long story short...I couldn't go to work yesterday, monday, my husband called the doctor's office and the receptionist didn't know what to do, so Tex called the pharmacist who confirmed that I was having an allergic reaction to the medication and to stop taking it immediately. Now, the small amount of acne I do have, you can not see, but because I had an allergic reaction I got a rash last night all over the left side of my face. So, if don't have bad acne, don't try for better skin with medicaiton you really don't need, and if you need answers quickly, don't call the doctor's office, call the pharmacist. Remember: Today is a Good Day.


k said...

Oh yikes... I'm glad you didn't have an even worse reaction.

My ex is my PCP so I never worry about him seeing me naked.


Gypsy said...

Holy crap, numb legs?! I'm glad you're ok.