Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I'm feeling super grouchy today, and I don't know why. It's not my period, work doesn't suck, I have a date coming up with a cute boy, I'm going to be doing a lot of fun things with my friends this weekend, and the weather is gorgeous. WTF? Instead of dwelling on the grouchiness, I'm trying to think positively, and decided to write today's TT about 13 things I'm happy about, including things I've done that were good for me this week, things I'm looking forward to, and random things that have made me happy. Grouchiness, be gone!

Thirteen Positive Things

1) I did yoga at NYSC on Monday night even after going all the way home to change.

2) I did yoga during lunch yesterday at a studio near my work and bought a pack of 10 additional classes to use during lunchtime.

3) I've gone back to eating yogurt for breakfast in lieu of random bread products.

4) I've started to use the coffee machine at work instead of stopping off at Starbucks in the morning.

5) Last night I had to work late, until 1:30 am, but I didn't even mind (that much) because everyone I was working with was awesome. The Partner was genuinely apologetic and totally appreciative that we all pitched in to get the work done, and the team was great. A massively huge difference from Old Firm.

6) I've started to fill up my 1 liter bottle with water each day, and I've made a conscious effort to start focusing on trying to drink at least a bottle a day. I plan to get back up to my 2 liter a day habit eventually.

7) I made an appointment to see a nutritionist. I had to cancel it because of work today, but I'm going to reschedule. I really want to start the 6-week program that my friend Em recently completed. She had awesome results.

8) Tuesday, Em and I ran into one of our old bosses at a benefit and he made several remarks about how gorgeous and glowing we looked now that we had left Old Firm. He asked, What happened? Em and I couldn't say the obvious so we just shrugged and smiled.

9) Tonight, I'm seeing "Romeo and Juliet" at the open air Delacourt Theater in Central Park. I'm excited because Lauren Ambrose, Claire from "Six Feet Under," will be playing Juliet.

10) This weekend, I'm going to a huge party at Lotus, along with Pele, Lakshmi, Lakshmi's boyfriend and another girlfriend of Pele's. Should be fun to dance and see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while.

11) During the day on Saturday, I'm planning a "Me Day" for moi. I'm going to wake up early, exercise, and then spend the entire day lounging around, shopping, wandering around New York, and possibly continuing to clean up my room. I can not wait!

12) Sunday, I have brunch with the group of wickedly cool girls I met at BBC in Mexico.

13) Also this weekend, I have a date with Mr. Reunion.

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wordnerd said...

Cup, I am having a shitty day too (random ridiculous reasons....nothing big either)....and this list was made me happy to read about good things happening right now for you.

Power to the Cup!

Starrlight said...

What a great list! I hear you on the mood though, I am grumpy. Saturday is my fun day this week too. Have girlfriends coming over to cook enchiladas and watch movies. Oh and drink :P

Anonymous said...

I like positive lists. It's nice to see one on your blog.

InterstellarLass said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful plan! My job is finally starting to pick up and it's more enjoyable being busy!

Tim King said...

Buttercup, I would love to hear about Lauren Ambrose's Juliet. I hope you decide to post about it. I'm in the Boston area, so I won't be able to see it. I so wish I could.


Starshine said...

Wow! Lots of things on your list to be happy about!


Sparky Duck said...

yoga should have fixed your mood. maybe more yoga!

I love the idea of a nutritionist, they are supposed to help with getting a fitness plan together the best out of every one out there.