Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Green Tea Extract

One of the products that my nutritionist suggested as part of my 6-week health program is HerbaSway's Peach Green Tea extract. Peach because it tastes good. Green tea extract because it provides you with an anti-oxidant boost that is supposed to assist your metabolism and enhance weight loss while you're on a diet. The idea, simplified, being that if your metabolism is functioning at its prime, calories will be metabolized efficiently and not stored as excess fat.

Although the bottle suggests swirling a dropper full of extract into a 6 oz. glass of hot or cold water, my nutritionist recommended three droppers full of extract in order to maximize the benefits of the supplement. I've been taking the supplement for a little over a week now, and although I can not yet say if it's had a beneficial impact on my weight loss efforts, I can report that it's a tasty way of drinking water throughout the day.

I'll be meeting with my nutritionist in about 2 hours to discuss my progress during the past week, and to be weighed officially. Yikes! I've never been obsessive about scales before, and though I'm fairly certain I've lost a few pounds, I must admit that I'm slightly nervous. I want to see progress! A full report of my meeting will be forthcoming later this evening. Stay tuned.


Starshine said...

Oooo! Fun! I love peach green tea, so now I want to find a bottle of the stuff. Where did you buy it? Have fun at the nutritionist appt.

Anonymous said...

I've not heard of this, but peach flavor anything sounds good to me.

Your nutritionist hasn't mentioned mangosteen juice, has she? That seems to be gaining popularity around here. Don't know a thing about it except that I've heard the claim that it revs up your metabolism-- and about a hundred other supposed benefits.

Buttercup said...

Starshine - You can get it at most health food stores. You can also get it from the web.

Ally Bean - My nutritionist hasn't mentioned mangosteen juice, but I suspect it's b/c she really is focused on the weight loss aspect of this program and fruits are not a big part of the diet. There's no fruit juice and minimal fruits, mainly to cut down on your sugar intake. I happen to have had mangosteens while I was in SE Asia and I LOVE them. I'm sure it's absolutely delicious and once I get off of this diet I'd love to check out the juice.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha. Someone with an objective take on mangosteens. Those who talk about it with me want me to buy the juice from them. Which makes me a bit suspicious-- cynic that I am. Thx.