Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Redux

The weekend was busy, productive, and way too short. I spent time with Em, went dress shopping with Lakshmi for a wedding I'm attending in two weeks and found a cute dress, met some friends for drinks at The Musical Box down in the East Village, had a 20 minute massage in a tiny Chinese shop that was better than most massages I've gotten in fancy salons around the city, and had my hair dyed to cover up some yellow highlights that had been annoying me.

I went back to my old hair stylist and admitted that I had "cheated" on him with the stylist who had put in the highlights. He welcomed me back with open arms and did a nice job. It's so nice to be together again. His salon is the best because their shampoos includes the most decadent, sinful head massage imaginable. Frankly, it's so good that it's hard not to think about sex while it's happening. On the hair front, I'm glad the yellow is gone, but now that I'm back to the monochrome dark brown, I feel a little too much like a goth for my tastes. *sigh*

The big success of the weekend was that I made it to the gym not once but twice! On Friday evening, I ran for 30 minutes and then lifted some weights, and on Saturday morning, I ran for 30 minutes and then did a pilates class. I was motivated to go, in part, because after only a week of eating healthy I had already started to notice a difference, and I knew that if I went to the gym I'd see even greater results. Once I got to the gym, I was psyched to be there, and very proud of myself. It felt good.

As far as all the dating stuff that was plaguing me last week, it was funny because the minute I got on the treadmill and started running I suddenly found myself thinking, Whatever, I can totally do the dating thing. I don't need to wait for any silly boys. I'm awesome. You gotta love endorphins. I also had a number of fruitful conversations that helped me get a more balanced perspective on the whole dating thing. More on that later.

Now that I have a cute dress to fit into in two weeks, I've vowed to go to the gym at least three times this week. I'm a superhero, I can totally do it. Before I know it, I'm actually going to have a routine. Amazing. Tomorrow, I meet with the nutritionist and find out exactly how much poundage I've lost in the last 9 days. Wish me luck.


ariess said...

Buttercup, You ARE awesome and you most definitely are my hero!

Love you!

Starshine said...

Really cute dress! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Buttercup--

Well, reading your adventures has inspired me-- not to lose weight, as that is looking pretty hopeless, but to embark on a job search. Did you use a recruiter? If so, did you like who you used/would you recommend them?



Sparky Duck said...

The dress is hot, way way past cute. My hair stylist place also has that hair massage thing, and you are right its decadent, just not as decadent for me when a guy is doin the massaging.

Buttercup said...

Ariess - Love you too!

Starshine - I hope you think so. You will be seeing it soon. :) I'm so excited!

Kate - I did use several recruiters and I liked them. Shoot me an email and I'll give you their info:

Thanks Sparky! Glad you like the dress. I prefer when women massage me too, but for opposite reasons. :)

Miss S said...

Buttercup, that dress is fabulous! A cute dress, some good food and great hair always makes me happy. What area of NY do you live?

Miss S

Karianne said...

Love the dress! If I wore that right now, I'd look 4 months pregnant. Yep, my waistline is my trouble spot. Wah, wah!