Sunday, June 10, 2007

Matt Dillon Encounter

I had just come up to the Upper West Side after spending most of the day shopping and wandering around Soho, and was on my last molecule of energy when I walked in to North West, a restaurant on the corner of 79th and Central Park West, looking for a waiter to seat me outside. I was wearing a casual eggplant colored skirt and a black tank top with flip flops. My hair was pulled back into a pony tail and wisps of it were escaping all around the edges of my face. My arms were literally weighed down with bags from all of my purchases. I was tired, hot, and not feeling particularly cute at all.

Standing just inside the doorway, I took a quick glance around the restaurant and suddenly found myself staring at Matt Dillon, who was sitting a few feet away, looking right at me. I met his gaze for a second, took in his chiseled features and characteristic penetrating direct stare, and then looked away immediately. He looked hot! The waiter approached me and I asked for a table outside, conscious that Matt Dillon was still facing my direction and semi-dying to look at him again. But, I didn't.

Outside, the waiter sat me down two tables away from Matt Dillon, directly in his line of site whenever he looked out the window. I ordered and ate my food, sipped my coffee, and tried very hard not to sneak peaks at him. After I had been there for about a half hour, one of my girl friends joined me, and the two of us proceeded to catch up, sip our coffee, and try not to sneak peaks at Matt Dillon. While we were trying not to look at Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei walked by our table. Two celebrity sitings in 30 minutes!

After a little while, my friend suddenly said that Matt Dillon was leaving. My back was to the entrance of the restaurant and I couldn't see anything. I asked her if he was coming our way, and she said yes, and I said, somewhat breathlessly, "Should I look?" just as Matt Dillon came up even with our table. He totally heard me.

Matt Dillon stopped, turned around, flashed me a smile and said "Hello." He was standing about a foot away from me. My friend and I were smiling and pretty much giggling (very sophisticated New York of us), and I replied, "Hello."

He said, "How are you doing?" and I replied that I was doing well. I was mesmerized. He was really tall, built up and muscular, his face was handsome, his smile open and easy, and his eyes were intensely sexy. He was wearing a tank top with a black button down shirt over it and I could see a sprinkle of salt and pepper chest hair just above the outline of his very well defined pecs. Matt Dillon looks really effing good.

I said, "You totally saw us checking you out, huh?"

Matt Dillon replied, without missing a beat in quintessential drawling Johnny Drama style, "I was checking you out. Two lovely ladies, enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon." Yep, that's right, Matt Dillon said he was checking me out.

He then held out his hand and said, "What's your name?"

I took his hand and said "Buttercup." (Matt Dillon held my hand!).

Then Matt Dillon asked if I lived around the area, and whether I came to the restaurant often. I said I lived in New York and that I came there often, and he said, "Oh yeah?, well I'm around here a lot."

I responded, "Well, I'll look for you next time."

Then he said, while motioning towards the corner, "Well, I gotta get going because my brother's waiting for me. It was nice meeting you." (I was thinking, Johnny Drama is here too?!).

I replied, "It was nice meeting you too."

For the rest of the day, every time I thought of the encounter, I smiled.

A day later, and I am still officially crushing on Matt Dillon.


Starshine said...

Oh my goodness! He's totally HOTTTTTT! I love it!

I bet he's still thinking about HIS chance encounter with the 'cup, too!

gravelly said...

Way to go Buttercup, getting those remarks out!! I would have been totally tongue-tied!

paisley said...

now you're talking a virile throbbing hunk of manhood... that other guy, from entourage... no,,, but matt dillon... that is a definite yes.... start hanging out there!!!!!!

drug store cowboy!!!!!oh yeah...

InterstellarLass said...

He is rather crunchy! I think the last celebrity I ran into was George Wendt. Uh. Great sense of humor?

Buttercup said...

Starshine - Obviously he's obsessing about it. Duh.

Gravelly - :)

Paisley - "Virile throbbing hunk of manhood" That pretty much sums him up.

Lass - "Crunchy"? As in granola? Do you mean hot or birkenstock wearing?

Gypsy said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I've loved him since Little Darlings. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Matt Dillon. Totally under-rated as an actor.

Sparky Duck said...

Isnt his brother famous too? It would have been the celebrity triple crown.

Anonymous said...

I randomly came accross this page and its funny cuz i met him too. He was with 3 guy friends and sitting outdoor a restaurant on the upper west side. 79th street. and he also asked me and my friend where we from..but we werent eating at the restaurant we were walking by, i recognized him. i stopped cuz i thought it was someone i knew-then i realized i knew him from some good movies..anyways he took a pic with us. If i can post pix i would.