Friday, February 16, 2007

To Hampton or Not To Hampton?

Thanks to all of you for being so supportive! You guys are awesome. I felt better today. I saw CG, didn't get scared on the subway, and went in to work for a few hours, where I proceeded to listen to Alien Ant Farm's "Annie Are you OK?" on repeat while chucking half of my office into a recycling bin. It was productive, and all I could manage in terms of working. It's impossible to work when I feel like I'm in the midst of a garbage heap. I also talked to Prue which was awesome. I miss you Prue!

Once I was back at the office, I started to worry about normal things like: which law firm's offer I should accept, how soon could I give my two week's notice, where was I going to go on vacation, did I have to finish that last project (that I haven't even started) before I quit, would my new firm let me start in April, and how was I going to make sure I was in the country in time for Bean's baby's birth? So many questions, and so few answers at the moment.

Meanwhile, my roommate ("Rumi") invited me to go to the Hamptons for the weekend to stay in her boyfriend's gorgeous home, walk around the shops in Sag Harbor, and laze around the house reading and relaxing. Rumi's bf loves to cook, and I'm sure all of the food would be amazing. It would be me, Rumi, her bf, and bf's friend, an older gentlemen who has absolutely no designs on me (I swear). Rumi has emphasized that there are "no rules" and that I could sleep in and laze around all I liked. And, the house has internet access.

Sounds like a dream, right? Then, why can't I decided whether I should go or not? I have this mild feeling of anxiety (I'm so sick of feeling anxious!) when I think about going, but a similar feeling when I think about not going. The cons are that I need to do laundry, I might feel trapped all the way in the Hamptons, I'm feeling like I just want to stay close to home - probably a side affect of last weekend's anxiety-provoking incident, and I have some work that I should do in preparation for a hearing/trial next week.

On the other hand, it's the Hamptons, it's a lovely invitation, a change of scenery might do me good, I could do work on the computer at the house, I have no plans in particular for this weekend, and if I get antsy I can hop on the jitney back to Manhattan. (Omg, I can't believe I just used the word "jitney" in a sentence!). Plus, it might be nice to be around people. If I stay, I will no doubt end up hooking up with or thinking about hooking up with a boy. In addition, I could do some shopping in Sag Harbor and replace some of the belongings the nasty thieves took from me. I'm not ready for the East Village any time soon, but Sag Harbor could be fun.

What do you think? A) The Hamptons, or B) Laundry and Potential Boy?


wordnerd said...

OMG aren't REALLY going to give up a chance to live like a rich girl for the weekend? Boys (the good ones anyway) will always be will Manhattan....give yourself a mini-break and go to the Hamptons....sleep, gourmet breakfasts, hot tubs......all things ESSENTIAL to recovery.

My vote is Hamptons!

gravelly said...

Buttercup! My vote is DEFINETLY the Hamtons! How fun would that be? Food, reading, drinks, food, shopping with the STARS (maybe you will see Paris?....yuck!) AND you can always come back early on the jitney if you need to. Go and relax and enjoy!! Lots of hugs to you!

gravelly said...

I know "Hamptons" has a "p"..

Gypsy said...

I vote Hamptons! :)

InterstellarLass said...

I vote Hamptons! Are you high girl! Boys are always available, and maybe while there you'll meet a YOUNG Hamptons boy. Just be on the lookout for these guys.

Prue said...

I, too, vote Hamptons. It sounds like a SATC episode waiting to happen, even if no potential hook-ups are involved.

Starshine said...

I love that the word "Jitney" made it into your post, too. I believe the majority has definitely spoken. My vote, too, is for the Hamptons.

However, if there were an option "C" that would allow you to do laundry, take naps, and RELAX...I vote for that one. Maybe the reason you feel anxious about A and B is because neither on are right for you. Yeah, a vote for a Hampton-free and hookup-free weekend that is designed to let you REST.