Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thirteen Things Stolen From Me

1) Black Kenneth Cole purse ($100).

2) Purple Hobo International wallet ($100).

3) Eye glasses and case ($400).

4) Digital Camera ($400-500).

5) Memory stick containing months of pictures that I hadn't yet downloaded, including pictures of Bean's baby shower.

6) My social security card.

7) Assorted make-up including this, this, this, and this (approximately $75).

8) All of my credit cards and my ATM card.

9) My expired MI license, frequent flyer cards, health insurance cards, gift cards to Pottery Barn and Bed Bath & Beyond, and an unused merchandise credit.

10) Recently purchased unlimited rides monthly metro pass ($76).

11) My journal, which thankfully contained only two entries.

12) Approximately $60 in cash ($60).

13) House keys, mail key, Legoland wizard key chain, Tar Heels bottle opener key chain, NYSC pass, and assorted other keys.

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Lady G~ said...

WOW! I'm so sorry you were robbed. Thank God you weren't home. Praying the thief gets caught and he does time for his crime.

The Rock Chick said...

oh, how awful! I'm sorry. Stealing is one of the things I despise most in the world. A few months ago, someone smashed the window on my car and stole my GPS system. The police officer who came to the house told me I shouldn't leave things in the car. I know he's right, but you know what, I should be able to leave whatever I want in my car! It's mine! Ughhhh....ok, enough soapboxing...hope you get everything you can get replaced straightened out real soon.

Happy TT! Jessica

Sparky Duck said...

I know the camera and the digital card hurts alot, but look at the bright side, when u get married, you will be an expert at changing ss #'s and credit cards.

Ok, its a stretch

InterstellarLass said...

LOL Sparky. Lookin' at the bright side. :)

When I got robbed it was my favorite diaper bag, my knock-off D&B bag, a TI Graphing Calculator (I was still in college), and a tampon, my checkbook with one check left (which I promptly called and cancelled) along with other assorted stuff. My wallet was in my jacket pocket due to screaming baby at gas station.

I feel so bad for you. I want to find these guys and beat them up. There's scum, and then there's really bad scum. I mean, a little perfume shop that probably does more check and credit card business than cash business? Obvioulsy these two are never going to win any brilliance awards.

Here's a thought...their Karma is so bad they've probably OD'd in some back alley from the bad heroin they bought with your stuff. I mean, not that your stuff wouldn't buy good heroin. Just they chose the bad stuff. :P


So this was stolen all at the same time?

THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said... I read what happened. :-(

amy said...

Im sooo sorry! I cant imagine what you are thinking..Hubby ( had a guitar that he had signed by over 50 famous Christian artists stolen at his grandpas made me so sad

Jay said...

I'm sorry so many valuable items were stolen from you, but the biggest thing they took from you wasn't even on the list.

Glad you're okay.

Ms. George said...

I am so sorry to hear your story! But, I am so glad to hear you are physically fine. Possessions can be replaced or remembered. Health is something else entirely.

Candy Minx said...

Oh no...what a mess.

I hope you aren't too freaked out or stressed though. I know it's going to be hell to replace all those things...but I am so glad you weren't hurt.

I am worried about you and know that I am thinking of you.

Iwas so happy the other day when I saw that you had dropped by my blog, thank you.

I've been having my own stresses that have taken me from blogging and coming to others blogs as much as I'd like...only I can't blog about the bs that has been going on with me...I have a woman harassing me on the internet...fortunately so far not on my blog, but I hope not to draw her attention there, yikes.

Um, take it easy okay...and it is really mind blowing to come here and read all your amazing posts after being away. You've got a lot going on and I believe more is going to be good things.

I am excited about the boy you flirted with---fun!!!

Gypsy said...

I say again: BASTARDS!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

It's a week later and I have to tell you, I've been thinking about your post and experience all week long. You've really moved me.

And that, I guess, can be a silver lining in this horror. I hope you see it as such.