Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fingers Crossed

I have a trial tomorrow; the third date for which the trial in my contested divorce case has been rescheduled (see here and here). Frankly, I would prefer if it were not happening tomorrow. I'm tired and sleepy, and once again find myself sitting in my office feeling unhealthy after ordering take-out and eating at my desk with a full night's work, and at least one stop at the vending machines, ahead of me. Is it so wrong that I want to be at the gym or at home reading "Prep," instead of in the office working on this never ending case?

While I've been prepping for trial today, I've received not one, not two, but three different email notifications - each one more nasty than the next - from three different people yelling at me for not having my hours up to date in our computer system. Never mind that I had some complications last week, and never mind that I have a trial this week, my hours must be entered so that the firm can bill, bill, bill! Nothing must come in the way of the firm and it's money. I get that they need me to enter my time in order to run an efficient business, but three emails in one day, after I responded promptly to the first one and they told me it was fine to get my hours in by tomorrow evening, is a tad excessive.

Also today, opposing counsel, who is a male, called me "dear" while attempting to get me to shut-up on a conference call today regarding his failed attempt to convince us to adjourn our trial. I told him, "I am not your 'dear.' Let's act with some professionalism." I'd like to be a duck and let these things slide off my back, but god did it make my blood boil. This is the second time that guy has acted completely condescending and unprofessionally towards me.

Despite these aggravations, I'm here, at my desk, plugging away. My client came to visit me today to do some last minute preparation. As she was leaving, she hugged me and sad, "I'm depending on you tomorrow." That's enough motivation for me.

Please let this thing finish tomorrow! And, pretty please make it end favorably for my client.


Starshine said...

Dear? Ewww! So glad you said something to him to nip that in the bud.

I'll say a little prayer for you and your client before bed tonight.

Thanks for catching up on my blog today. It was fun to get all those comments in one day!!!

bug said...

too bad it would have been unprofessional to add "rövhål" at the end of that line. good retort though. totally your point. seems like some weirdos have crossed your path recently. if this were a novel (as in your life), i would think there was something more to these characters, and i would wonder why the author was making the protagonist encounter these individuals. what purpose do they serve, and why are they integral to the story (believing that only what is essential is in the story, so therefore meaning can be read into every detail)... ?

Baraka said...

Praying that it finishes tomorrow too!


gravelly said...

Good luck, Buttercup! You will be in my thoughts and prayers today!!!

Gypsy said...

Keeping my fingers crossed!

InterstellarLass said...

Grrr. That guy would have irritated me too. Guy sounds like a creepoid.

I'm sure you're kickin' ass and takin' names in your trial today.

Sparky Duck said...

your gonna do great, dear ;)


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