Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I had a whole post written about how I was on the brink of flipping out today because I'm so STRESSED about my job search, my impending decision, trying to work while being absent and preoccupied, preparing for my trial on Thursday, and feeling an overwhelming sense of failure at my inability to get it together in terms of physical and spiritual health. Not to mention the fact that I keep having dreams about robbers trying to kill me and keep seeing people who look like the two muggers all over the city.

But, then it hit me. It could be a lot worse. Instead of a lawyer with two job offers, surrounded by loving friends and family who is about to be an Auntie for the first time, I could be a former superstar who seems single-mindedly determined to flush her career, reputation, modesty, money, family, health, looks, and all prospects of a comeback down the toilet.

Things aren't so bad after all!


Michelle said...

UGH. Your story about the muggers is really truly scary. It does take a while to get over that.

I think it might take Brits a while to recover from that haircut. I feel sorry for her.


(I saw your comment on my blog, btw - I responded there for you, thanks so much for your sweet comment!)

Robin said...

way to put things in perspective.

I, too will be an first time Auntie in June! I cannot wait!

keep fighting the good fight.

Bubbles said...

To give Britney some credit-- well not credit, but something-- if my career was going down hill fast, and I needed to totally reinvent myself to have any sort career in the future, I would probably shave my head too.

Sparky Duck said...

now that is the best use of that picture I have seen so far. well that and what kukka said in her blog, but they are two different takes

Buttercup said...

Michelle - Thanks for checking me out. Your artwork is gorgeous and I'll be emailing you soon to get more details.

Robin - A fellow Soon-To-Be-Auntie!!! I feel so lucky but I'm also so nervous. I want everything to go fine with the delivery. Bean is so little! (She would laugh if she reads this b/c she recently described herself as wearing a "tent" for a shirt).

Bubbles - If I was Sinead O'Connor and had a drop dead gorgeous face, I'd shave my head. If I was Brit-Brit, it wouldn't be the first change I'd make in my quest to reinvent myself.

Sparky - I gotta go check out Kukka.

InterstellarLass said...

Well, Britney may be suffering from postpartum depression (I am in no way mocking ppd - just the fact that it was listed as one of the 'possible causes' of her baldness), and Anna Nicole's baby just had a possible 4th daddy (with a pulse, 5 if you count the frozen sperm of the late J. Howard Marshall) come out. What's next? Truly, it is dizzying to keep up with it all.

Buttercup said...

Lass - Dizzying it is. I think it's far more likely that Brit's baldness is as a result of her repeated, and inept, dye jobs. That, combined with her lack of sleep and probably drug use. Girl needs some serious detox and refocusing. I want the old Britney back, not this train-wreck.

InterstellarLass said...

The latest is that she thought that lice were eating her hair extensions...bizarre...I remember when my little brother bought her single "Hit Me Baby" and was just ga ga over her.

Buttercup said...

Lass - GROSS. How do you get links to appear in your comments??