Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm a bundle of anxiety today and I'm not sure why. I've made some significant progress on the job front and have 4 interviews lined up for next week. Not bad, eh? It's exciting, but I think it's making me feel anxious. Now that I've decided to leave (again), and now that I've got the ball rolling, I want to be leaving right NOW. It's like I'm itching at the bit, raring to go but instead I have to sit still and try to do my work.

But, I can't sit still because everything is swirling around me so fast and I want to be swirling too. My friends are leaving, taking time off before starting their new jobs, and one of them (Em) is setting up this awesome volunteer position in SE Asia. I want to be them, but I'm three steps behind!

Meanwhile, my work is piling up because I cannot bring myself to do it. I want to be OUT of here. I don't want to do atrociously boring summaries or any of the other work I'm supposed to be doing. It's dull, dull, dull. I've reached the mental end of the road, as it were, at this firm and I can't feign even a glimmer of interest any longer.

This is unfortunate because even with my interviews beginning as soon as next week, it could still take easily 2 months before I'm out of here. I don't know if I could bear that. I think I'd have to put myself on tranquilizers. It's not even bad. Dragon Lady is ignoring me, and probably hates me, because I owe her summaries. I just want this all to be DONE. I'm so completely OVER this place.

I'm glad you all liked my magic wand post! I think that would help me immensely at the moment, but alas it's all the way uptown. At least I only have 2 hours left until Happy Hour. I'm meeting up with a girl from work who is on her way out of here, and then meeting another friend for drinks and a movie. It should be fun, and then I have three whole days off of work!!! Of course, I have to do a bunch of work over the 3-day weekend (mostly catch-up stuff), but it's so exciting to have a 3-day weekend.

T-minus 2 hours and counting.

Don't forget to de-lurk!


starshine said...

Have a great 3 day weekend!

Karianne said...

Yeah about Happy Hour and Yeah about the interviews! You are doing it, Powerpuff. Keep the swirling going. And tranquilizers are very useful in these situations. And think of it this way, no matter what happens with any of your plans, you are one day closer to leaving!

InterstellarLass said...

See that's not fair! I don't get a three day weekend. And just today Nick's office decided to give him the day off. So everyone in my house but me gets to stay home. No fair. :(

Anonymous said...

Starrlight forced me to come and now that I'm here sure glad I complied! That Magic Wand list was outrageous and you seem to have an incredible time here!

With regards to the job - waiting and uncertainty are real bitches! but the more you don't think about it the faster it will go, good luck!

Buttercup said...

Starshine - You too!

Karianne - Thanks for the yeah about the interviews. I'm excited and you're right, I have to keep th swirling (motivation/postitive attitude) going AND I am one day closer to leaving. YAY!!!!

Lass - That blows. I'm sorry. Hopefully it will be a slow day at the office and everyone will realize how stupid they are to have made you come in. Maybe you'll be able to leave early?

Tisha - I'm so glad you came! You are right about the waiting and how it's better not to think about. It's like watching a pot waiting for it to boil. It takes FOREVER. (Glad you liked the wand list. ;) )

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the job front! Just browsing blogs today and stopped by to say hi

Anonymous said...

Dang, 3 interviews set up already, nice work!!