Friday, January 19, 2007

Burning The Candle

I have to run to a job interview in 10 minutes so I will make this short. Today is Em's last day at our firm, and I'm a little sad. I'm going to miss her. Last night was her departure party and it was a doozy of a good time. We went to Morgan's Bar in the Morgan Hotel under Asia de Cuba, and then to Sing Sing. Let's just say, for now, that I drank way too many raspberry mojitos, flirted with way too many boys, and participated in far too much karaokeing for someone who had a job interview the next day.

This afternoon, I'm meeting with 4 partners and 2 associates and I'm praying to any supernatural force of good that might or might not exist to help me through the next three hours. These interviews are draining even when well-hydrated and well-rested; I have my doubts about whether I can dazzle them while still recovering from last night's festivities. I've already had to pop 4 motrins, and it's only 1 in the afternoon!

I. Can. Not. Wait. To. Sleep.


InterstellarLass said...

Karaoke and flirting with boys! One I love to do and the other I used to love to do before I was married! Good luck at your interviews today. Sounds like you're really going to be running through the gauntlet.

starshine said...

Buttercup, I have five words for you regarding your much needed sleep:

The. Weekend. Is. Almost. Here!!!

Bubbles said...

I can believe you Karaokeed!! I can't even picture you doing it. I think the Karoaokeeing was worth it-- what did you sing?

Anonymous said...

Hope your interview went well, and you got your much needed sleep.

I have yet to karaoke, but I'm sure if I had that many mojitos I would have been doing that too!

Anonymous said...


Isn't it funny how the more fun you have one day, the worse you feel the next?

I hope you do well on your interview too! But as long as you follow your own do's and dont's you'll surely impress.

Crossing my fingers. :)

Buttercup said...

Lass - It was a gauntlet indeed but I pulled it off!

Starshine - See Sunday's post. :)

Bubbles - I can totally karaoke. I can't believe you have so little faith in me. I do Stan, Lose Yourself, and Numb.

Amy - Mojitos help the singing, for sure.

Vicky - Apparently I didn't learn my lesson as I repeated Thursday on Saturday. But the interviews went well, so thank you!