Sunday, November 05, 2006


In the past year, I've had a number of revelations related to breasts and clothes, all of which have boiled down to one over-arching revelation: Little boobs mean that I can wear whatever I want. After years of feeling like there were whole genres of clothes that were out of my reach because my boobs were more like peaches than melons, this newfound discovery has left me feeling quite liberated.

The main obstacle I've found with little boobs is pointage. Although some women flaunt the pointy nipple look, I'm personally not a fan. Big-boobed women don't have to worry so much about pointage. Their voluptuous curves present different problems, such as bouncing, sagging, and falling out of tops, but pointage is usually one problem they don't have to worry about, or at least not as much as little-boobed women. Sure, headlights are a problem for boobs of all sizes, but pointage is more noticeable on little boobs - where it's not backed up by inches of bountiful cleavage.

My first discovery, which I came across at the Pink Slip - a trendy lingerie store located in Grand Centra that I absolutely adore - was the Nu-Bra, a strapless, backless bra made of two lightly molded cups that clip together in the front, with sticky, rubbery inner surfaces that grab, squeeze, and lift, hiding nipplage and creating miraculous cleavage. It's truly amazing, and although the description might sound a bit messy, I assure you it's not. The best thing about the Nu-bra is that the clipping feature sits low enough down on your chest so that you can wear it with very low-cut tops and dresses. It also stays in place perfectly, with the exception of heated environments, such as clubs, where the sweat factor can make the sticky surfaces of the Nu-Bra slip slightly out of place. This has only happened to me once, after hours of dancing, but I raise it in the interest of full-disclosure.

The second discovery I made was Gap's Padded Bandeau Bra, the perfect bra to wear with a strapless dress. I discovered it last summer after purchasing my first strapless dress. I had not realized that tube-top friendly bras like this existed! I don't like heavily padded bras, but I do like making the most of my assets. The light molding of the Bandeau Bra is perfect because it maintains a nice shape while at the same time hiding nipplage. Although I've noticed that the bra gets a little uncomfortable after several hours - because the elastic band fits so snugly around your chest - for the most part I've been very happy with mine. I bought one in blue, to go under a blue strapless dress, and another in pale pink. Love them.

The third, and most recent, discovery happened just last night when I had the brilliant idea to use small round band-aids - the kind that comes in the band-aid variety pack that I can never seem to find a use for - as glorified nipple guards. I was going out to dinner and then dancing and had planned to wear my new Chloe top, the backless, wrap-around halter top. The top is gorgeous, but cut with an extremely low "v" in the front that would have made it impossible to use any type of strapless bra. The silk fabric is luxurious enough so that I felt pretty confident going braless, but I wanted a little something to cover up the nipplage. Basically, I needed tassle-free pasties. To my surprise, the band-aids worked perfectly, and removal was relatively painless.

Got any more boobilicious ideas? Share!


InterstellarLass said...

I alas, am limited in what I can wear due to the issue of an overabundance of cleavage. Even as a teen, I couldn't wear bikinis because I could never find a top that would cover them. And all my bras...yeah, not cute...over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

One day, when I lose all the weight I want to lose, and KEEP IT OFF, I want a lift. To give me the perkiness I've always dreamed of.

Bubbles said...

I have always been slightly bitter at the realization that, yes, smaller boobs do mean that you can wear whatever you want. One particular thorn in my side was when I worked at YMCA Day camp, where tank tops were allowed as long as they were not "too revealing." I noted that some women could wear tank tops that would meet the inappropriate standard if I wore them.... Halter tops are, of course, out of the question (unless I plan to bounce out of them). And don't even get me started on the horror that is button-down blouses.

I also have to admit that I am slightly bitter at the huge market of "shaper" bras for the smaller bra sizes.... with larger bra size, it is pretty much what you see is what you get. Plus, I note that it is harder to find the really cute panty-bra sets larger then a C. Which, frankly, hurts my feelings a little bit-- like I can't be cute enough to wear them or something... I have the same feeling towards work-out wear, which always runs too small and never comes in larger sizes. Like only skinny can work out or something.

SisterFriend said...

That is hilarious! Finally, the small, round band-aid can be put to good use! Kudos for such resourcefulness, Buttercup!

Jennifer said...

too funny! And what a brave post. I'm very small, and mostly I love it. I am free to wear anything, and I can even go bra-less. Great advantage when it is superhot around here. The only reason I wear bras is for modesty sake, sometimes I wear tank top as undershirts. The there is something I would not have thought of. My sister is much bigger then I, I had the ultimate revenge in college-driving down our street with speed bumps in a jeep-super fast! I'd laugh my head off the whole time as she groaned and clutched her chest.

thanks for the tips, pun was totally not planned...

Jenny in Ca

Buttercup said...

Lass and Bubbles - You guys are lucky that you have curvacious figures, and I hope nothing I said made you think I believed anything to the contrary. Though I can appreciate my body, the fact is, no matter what nifty little tricks I come up with, I'm never going to have the type of amazing cleavage that you both no doubt have without even trying. Alas!! we just all need to appreciate what we've got and make it work. (Yes, that's a shout out to Tim Gunn for those of you paying attention).

Sisterfriend - I was pretty impressed with myself. :)

Jennifer - The pun, intended or not, was funny. Thanks for commenting!

InterstellarLass said...

Oh yeah. I have copious amounts of cleavage. I realize I have what millions of women pay thousands of dollars for. Just that after two kids, they just ain't the same. Hubs doesn't complain though...he's planning a protest for the day I go smaller. :)