Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lot 8: As Cute As Chloe

Since Chloe Dao won PJR last season, I've been dying to go check out her Houston boutique, Lot 8. Last week, when my work ended earlier than expected, I finally got the chance on Friday afternoon. I met up with my very pregnant and very beautiful friend Prue and had a lovely girls' afternoon out on the town, complete with lunch at a cute veggie-friendly restaurant in Montrose, pedicures, and the much anticipated trip to Lot 8.

Spacious, lit up by the sunlight pouring through its floor to ceiling front windows, decorated with large globe lamps and tiny sparkling lights, and filled with fabulous clothes, jewelry, and shoes, Lot 8 did not disappoint. From the front table and it's glass bowl filled with lollie-pops, to it's inviting displays of unique clothing and accessories, there was a relaxed, fun vibe to the place.

Chloe, sadly, was MIA (although she was set to be in the store the following day), but the other people working in the store made up for her absence, in part, by being exceedingly friendly, welcoming, and helpful. They didn't even roll their eyes when I gushed that I was a fan of Chloe's and asked if they minded if I took pictures.

My visit to Lot 8 was brief, as our pedicures had taken a bit longer than expected and I had to make a flight (Prue was awesome and braved the Houston traffic to get me to the airport on time). I maximized my time by whizzing around the store, taking in the ambiance, snapping pictures, and trying on a number of Chloe's designs.

I was thrilled to discover Chloe's "signature halter," a sexy backless silk halter with an extra long wrap-around tie, that comes in a variety of gorgeous, vibrant colors. As one of the store clerks explained, Chloe designed the halter top so that it wraps around and ties in the front, a conscious effort to make the wearer comfortable and confident, with no fear that the top could be untied without the wearer's knowledge. Nice touch, Chloe. I tried on the purple halter and loved it so much that I impulsively bought one in pale turquoise as well (pictured here). I can be bad like that sometimes. So cute, right?

If you have not yet checked out Lot 8, and need to pick up something cute in Houston, you should definitely stop by. Give my regards to Chloe!


Prue said...

What a fun day!! Both of your halter tops are fabulous.

Tracy said...