Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost - Kate, Jackie, and James

What a Wednesday! LOST and PJR all in one night? It's almost too much goodness to handle. Some spoilers below so beware!

With respect to Lost, I'll just say, for the moment - since it's late and I'm off to bed - that I'm glad Sawyer hasn't changed his incorrigible ways. WTF is up with the Others? I have a friend who believes they might be a group of extreme eco-scientists intent upon destroying the world and creating a new civilization ala Oryx and Crake. The crazy psyche experiments might be to weed out those who deserve to be saved from those who don't. But if so, then why all the torture right up front? Why the cages and chain gang? I don't know what I think, except that I don't like the Others.

Ooooh, the drama on PJR. Laura got a bit nasty and my gut is that Jeffrey might not have deserved her suspicion. I can't believe we have to wait until next week to see who wins!


Laura said...

If your friends theory is right, than maybe the torture and animosity toward Sawyer, Jack and Kate might be a test to see what they're capable of withstanding, and if that's the case, brainwashing methods can't be too far behind!

InterstellarLass said...

I think Laura is just a jealous harpy! Her pregnancy hormones are out of control. I think Jeffrey worked his ass off and got it done! Of course he didn't show craftsmanship in the earlier rounds...he had less than two days to put an outfit together!

Buttercup said...

Laura on Project Runway did kind of come off a little jealous. Uli pointed out that the finishing touches weren't all perfect. I could see Jeffrey pulling it off. Could you believe Laura's husband? He was not what I was picturing.

InterstellarLass said...

No! He looked like the nutty professor! And waaaay older than her I think. But I can't imagine being pregant and walking around in those heels like she does all the time!