Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Exhausted in Houston

I arrived in Houston today for work after a mad dash couple of days. I have been so stressed out and exhausted because of the last few days, and now, as I'm sitting here in my hotel trying to prep for tomorrow's deposition, I'm feeling all of my circuits starting to crash big time.

The silver lining to my mind and body's current state of exhaustion is that I accomplished a ton. Over the weekend, with the invaluable help of my brother Frey and Raj, in addition to discovering the disturbing world of UFC, I finally moved all of my remaining belongings out of storage. It is such a relief to have myself disentangled from that money pit! Of course, moving everything out of storage meant that I had to do somehow make them fit in the closet that Raj and I currently -affectionately- call home. Easier said than done as stepping over boxes to get to the refrigerator simply was not a sustainable solution. After much lifting, organizing, and creative thinking, I managed to make the apartment livable for the moment, but still have a large stack of boxes that I'm going to have to deal with when I get back to New York. :( Raj and I really need to invest in shelving. I feel like shelving would be kind of revolutionary for us.

I'll be in Houston through the end of the week, and then am flying straight to Michigan for a wedding of some of Raj's friends. I know them too, so technically I guess they're my friends as well, but he knows them far better. I'm not sure how I feel about attending the wedding per se, as I haven't kept up ties with this group of people. I'm anticipating a whole bunch of semi-annoying stories, but am trying to maintain a positive outlook (I'm succeeding well, can't you tell?). Weddings are usually fun; everyone's happy, drinks are flowing freely, and love is in the air. I'm excited to be going as Raj's date. I think he's going to look very handsome, and I'm hoping my dress looks cute. I'm also excited because going to Michigan means that I'll be able to see some of my closest friends, Wood and Dutch. It was Wood's b-day this past Saturday so celebrations are definitely in order.

Okay, enough of this blogging and worrying about the week ahead. I'll be so thrilled when the week is over and I'm on my way to Michigan - hopefully well-rested and relaxed. On that note, I'm off to bed. I can't wait to sleep. Good night!


Tracy said...

A hearty howdy to Buttercup! Enjoy my home state!

Gypsy said...

Good luck this week! I hope the wedding goes well.

Tracy said...

Someone's ticker is now in the 70s!!!

Buttercup said...

Thanks Ladies. Tracy - I know!! The seventies caught me by surprise. Yippee.

wordnerd said...

good luck in Houston Buttercup! Work hard, the weekend will be here before you know it.