Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Past Few Days

I have been fairly busy the past week or so, running around, cleaning, chasing the puppies, and trying to relax with Tex, without getting stressed out at him and telling him where to go. But here it is in a nutshell.

We are now 16 weeks pregnant. I guess the baby is about 5 inches, he or she can suck the thumb, pee, swallow amniotic fluid, do summersaults, kick me even though I haven't felt it. I have gained about a pound per week, surprisingly my pants still fit, I just can't button them all the way. Probably the strangest thing for me is that I am waiting for Tex to gain weight too, sleep alot, and when I get sick, to feel sick too. He has been very nice when I am sick, making dinner, tea, starting a hot shower for me, or just rubbing my back; all of which I more than take advantage of.

Last thursday, I had a lot of fun. I was able to see my sister Buttercup's friend, Simone, while she was in town. Simone is so much fun and it was so good to see her. Though our visit was quick, we hung out and talked. She met my husband for the first time, and I was able to catch up with her and hear about what she has been doing. She has been very close to my sister for a long time as well as close to our family; it was so comforting to be able to see her and give her a big hug. After we met up with Simone, Tex, his little sister, and I went to 2 haunted houses. It was great, since it was thursday we didn't wait in line very long. I got spooked a few times, but for the most part I was having fun, laughing and giggling. I love haunted houses, so I couldn't resist going even though I knew my heart woud race once or twice.

Tex and I enjoyed our weekend with the pups. We cleaned the house, watched horror movies (it is a tradition for Tex and I to watch horror movies throughout October for Halloween). Monday wasn't very fun. I woke up at 5am for a 7 am dentist appointment. What was supposed to be just a "molding" for a permanent crown, and a temporary put on, became a pain in the ass. I was there from 7 until 2 in the afternoon. My mouth felt like a machete had ripped through it. My boss felt so bad, she let me go home and relax, so I did and enjoyed my extra hour of being home early. The pups were thrilled to have their momma home; they both came and laid next to the couch with their bones while I relaxed. Then, of course, Tex and I went to see Monday night football at a friend's house, as we have only missed one game. Tex was very disappointed when the Cowboys lost. He got upset when I told him it was because of their shitty QB Drew Bledose. He threw the game away, literally. I was a bit hopeful when they replaced him near the end of the game with Romo, who probably could have helped the team back, but he had far too little time and Bledsoe had paved him a shitty road to drive on.

Today has been allright. I woke up only to begin driving to work in a hail storm. I got very nervous when I pulled out onto the main road and my car fish tailed a bit. And, only 2 minutes down the road, the car ahead of me started sliding. The slush got a hold of her tires and she went off the road and slammed sideways into a truck trailer that was parked. I was frightened for this person. I pulled over cautiously and ran to the opposite side where the vehicle was. The car wasn't on fire or anything but the right side was done, the whole gas tank area was smashed in, and the backseats were up against the back of the front seats. I didn't see anyone in the front seats, but I found the woman in the back seat.

Fortunately she wasn't bleeding or injured badly, which is crazy because she landed all the way in the back seat. She was alert, or as alert as she could be after an accident like that. I called 911 and a sheriff was on the way. A gentlemen came out from his house to help assist us. The woman climbed to the front and the gentelman was able to get the door open. We were freezing as the hail picked up again. Thank goodness this woman wasn't injured because the Sheriff didn't get there for a good half hour. For a short time, she had forgotten what road she was on and where she was. I gave her a soft pat on the back and rubbed her back. What amazed me the most was that she was so grateful that I had stopped. Not many people stop when they see an accident.

When the sheriff arrived, he took a double galnce at her car and mine. He had thought that I had been involved. I explained I had just seen her vehicle veer off. He too was amazed that I wasn't involved in the accident but had stopped just to make sure this stranger was alright. It is sad to me that many will see something and just keep on going about their day. What would have happend if this woman needed someone right away? The gentleman from his house wasn't out right away, she could have been badly injured.

As I left in my vehicle, I felt very good about myself. The woman kept saying thank you and showing her gratitude towards me and all I could say was "It's no big deal, I am glad you are alright and not injured. Don't worry about your car either, be happy you are alright." I am not happy that she had to go through that accident, but I am glad that I was behind her and pulled over to make sure she was alright.

My week has been eventful in different ways, but with this morning, I am glad to be who I am. No one else stopped on the road today, they just sped on by to get to where they were going. I made it to work an hour late with spatters of slush and mud on my pants from passing by vehicles. I looked horrible, but I am grateful that I was ok. Things could be alot worse.


Buttercup said...

I can't believe you're 16 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to see you!!

You did the right thing stopping to help that woman. Good job, Bean.

Ally Bean said...

I'm glad that you stopped to help that poor woman. It's so odd to me that being considerate to strangers is considered to be almost deviant behavior.

And congrats on week 16. Woo-hoo.