Monday, October 30, 2006

Saw 3: A Bleak Commentary

This weekend, after being outvoted on my movie pick, "Marie Antoinette," I sat through the most revolting, gruesome, twisted piece of cinema trash that I've ever seen. "Saw 3" the third installment of the Saw series tells the story, if you want to dignify the lack of plot enough to call it a story, of a murderous sadist, Jigsaw, his self-hating, psychotic female accomplice, and the hideous, grotesque, stomach-turning, and mostly fatal, suffering that they inflict upon a group of imperfect human beings.

The producers of this simplistic excuse for a parade of horrors would have us believe that there is a moral hiding beneath all the blood and gore, something about choosing forgiveness over vengeance. In the bleak world of Saw 3, Jigsaw is God, and he's coming after the sinners to torture them into repentance. Woe to those who might be grieving the loss of a son and wishing for the death of their son's killer, committing adultery to escape a painful marriage, handing down sentences for involuntary manslaughter, or driving by an accident without stopping. For their flaws, they are made the sadist's playthings, encased in barbaric contraptions, and forced to cause themselves, and others, unspeakable agony. And, after all that, in order to survive, they are supposed to forgive, and in so doing show themselves worthy of escaping death - at least according to Jigsaw's rules.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled. Despite Saw 3's indelicate protestations to the contrary, there's nothing high-minded about this movie. At it's core, Saw 3 is about a killer's sadistic pleasures. Even more disturbing than the fact that there are people out there sick enough to come up with this stuff, is the fact that there are people willing to watch it.


Bubbles said...

I can't believe you allowed yourself to be out-voted-- particularly in the scenario where you end up being forced to watch Saw 3. I would guess you put up quite a fight, though.

I can't comment too much (cuz I know nothing about the movie). But it doesn't make sense to commit an act of vengence against someone for wanting vengence. Should someone then go punish him(or is it her) for his(her) inability to forgive? Of course, this gets into the whole theological discussion that is permeating this country: Vengeful God v. Forgiving God. I for one cannot believe in any God that is anything but forgiving and understanding. Why would an omnipotent power be so damn petty?

Ally Bean said...

I'm super picky about movies. I believe the Irish proverb that says: what fills the eye fills the heart. I'll never see anything violent, and your post has confirmed the wisdom of my decisions.

Tracy said...

Yick. I'm sorry you had to endure a movie that you didn't enjoy.

InterstellarLass said...

I don't watch scary movies, so I'll have no problem avoiding this one!

Stace said...

The scary thing is they make these crap movies to begin with.

Buttercup said...

Bubbles - Exactly, it was such a moronic message: if you're vengeful, then you deserve to be chopped up into bits. Puh-lease. There is no depth there.

Ally Bean - I see the sense in that proverb. Seeing that movie brought nothing positive, thought provoking, or worthwhile into my life. It was a waste.

Lass - Scary ones are ok by me, though they freak me out. What I don't deal well with is human depravity. It's disturbing.

Stace - Agreed. I feel like you have to be a little twisted to imagine novel and horrible ways of torturing people.

Tracy - I'll get over it. But, it does disturb me that there's a market for this kind of movie. Talk about desensitization.

wordnerd said...'s only been two days and I miss you already!

Come back... are you doing over in babyland? More posts....please?

Buttercup said...

Wordnerd, You are so sweet and encouraging. Thanks for being a friend. :)

Bean, I second Wordnerd's request for updates. Inquiring minds want to know. xo