Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (I Heart NY)

Thirteen Places I Heart In The City

1) Franchia - This adorable, totally zenned out Korean tea house is a soothing oasis of tranquility in the Middle of Midtown with fantastic vegetarian cuisine and a mean mocci dessert.

2) Souen - Super healthy, simple macrobiotic food just South of Union Square with the best cardamon cookies I've ever tasted and an ambiance that makes me happy just to be there.

3) Annies' Restaurant - Their egg-white omelet with salmon, spinach and a dollop of goat cheese, side of fruit, whole wheat toast, and coffee is sublime perfection for brunch.

4) Aroma - Delicious Italian food (try the artichoke pasta dish), excellent wine pairings, and a secret back room down a narrow flight of stairs for group dinner parties.

5) Swift - Unpretentious East Village pub with large picnic table seating in the back, a large beer list which includes my new favorite, Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, where the waitstaff doesn't bat an eyelash at lime throwing fights.

6) Demarchelier Restaurant - Cozy French bistro on the Upper East Side perfect for a romantic - but not too romantic - first date.

7) Candle Cafe - Delicious, creative, healthy, and unique vegetarian-only food in a cute setting.

8) The Campbell Apartment - The vaulted ceilings, intimate atmosphere, and semi-hidden location make this the coolest bar in Midtown. Check out their passion fruit cocktails.

9) Bookends - This charming enclosed rooftop bar, complete with sunny lounge area and fireside nook, sits atop the Library Hotel and is the perfect place to relax over raspberry champagne cocktails or mojitos.

10) 230 Fifth - Massive rooftop bar complete with palm trees, an incredible view of the Empire State building, and an amusing but semi-intoxicating L.A. vibe, and the best-tasting Asian apps in the restaurant in the hotel below.

11) Angelica Kitchen - Possibly the best vegetarian food in all of New York.

12) Le Pain Quotidien - European style bakery with strong coffee served in cups without handles, communal seating, and the most exquisite hazelnut-praline spread.

13) Buddha Bar - Uber swanky lounge with a giant golden Buddha statue overlooking a lavishly decorated dining room and lounge area, delicious apps, and the best cocktails in the City.

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Malcolm: said...

I wish I had checked out some of these places when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. Maybe next time I will. Thanks for sharing.

Starrlight said...

Ok yum. I am hungry now!

Anonymous said...

Great list! If I ever get to NY I will have to try them out. :)

Damozel said...

I always laugh when people who live in A city refer to it as THE city. Till I got to the end I thought it might be San Francisco (as in "Tales of the City")---haven't been there in years, but I remember lots of fabulous restaurants. New York, London, San Francisco, many others?

Miss S said...

Those all sound amazing, and I want to go to them, but could you please tell me: which one is within a college student's price range? (or the least expensive one, if they are all out of that range)

the thursday thirteen looks like fun. ill try to keep up with it

Miss S

Xakara said...

I love when people list the things in their cities they love.

It's a personal guide more accurate than anything you can pick up in a bookstore.

Thank for sharing.


Willow said...

I have to admit, that before reading your blog, NYC was the last place I would ever want to visit. However, after seeing it through your eyes--it now has possibilities:) Many, many possibilities!!

Gypsy said...

Those sounds like delightful diversions. :)

Anonymous said...

i don't live too far, but I certainly try to enjoy some unique things about the city each time I go.

Happy TT!

Gattina said...

I only went once to NY about 11 years ago but then we were running around to see all the things a tourist has to see ! No time for good food !

Starshine said...

I've been to Souen and Angelica Kitchen and I LOVE them both! Oh, I'm dreaming of a salad from Angelica Kitchen NOW!

Chelle Y. said...

I have not been to NY since 1987! I want to go back someday.

Sammy B. said...

Buttercup - My husband and I love Demarchelier! We used to go there almost every Friday night. I used to pass it on the M86 bus on my commute. And of course I remember the bar at the Library Hotel. I didn't realize it had a name. This post made me miss NYC.

Kuanyin said...

You're SOOOO making the city I used to call home before moving to Maui! I miss the great fooood! Happy TT! Come over and join my Elvis contest!

Sparky Duck said...

perfection, now Philly really looks small. hey wait, that might be a good thing, tourists are annoying

Anonymous said...

I posted the answers to the Rebus puzzle on my TT. :)

Natalie said...

I've never visited NYC. Now I want to.

Great list!