Friday, August 17, 2007

Off The Sauce

I think we all learned a valuable lesson yesterday about the pitfalls of going to therapy slightly sauced on Pinot Noir. I know I did. Never again, my friends. I'm just thankful I didn't get mugged on the way home over my bottle of organic vodka. Now, that would have been a pity.

Clear-headed and bright-eyed today (particularly since I rediscovered an eye gel that appears to actually minimize fine lines - better than St. John's Wart at boosting one's mood), as Willow instructed, I'm gearing up for the weekend. On this weekend's agenda is a comedy club, a party, the Bronx Zoo, bouldering, running, and perhaps some Swedish-conversation time. Should be fun.

No dates, only a bunch of plans with friends. For this weekend, that suits me perfectly. I'm due for a rebalancing Boy-Break.


wordnerd said...

yo does one "boulder"? This Canadian wants to know....

Have a great weekend buddy, I'm headed for a girls night tonight...looking forward to no boys...just lots of bitching about them! YAY

Karianne said...

Promise me to add in a nap or sleeping in too. You are just recently feeling better! Don't push it too much.

Continued health!

Starshine said...

Yea! Have a great weekend, my friend!

Husby and I are going to go swing dancing tonight, and I'm not sure what the rest of the weekend holds in store.