Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Slightly Envious of Sleeping Beauty

How quickly things change: Three weeks ago my biggest obsessions of the moment were random boys that I was sort of dating and the whole nutritionist-weight-loss-rebellion debacle. For the last two weeks, work has eclipsed all of that. I find myself longing for the days when I had nothing more than food and boys to plague my dreams.

I still like my new job about 10,000 times better than my old job, and it is rewarding enough and the late nights are relatively infrequent enough to make it worth it for now. But, be that as it may, I have been getting killed at work. My sleep is suffering, and when my sleep suffers, I suffer. My little jaunt to Fire Island and the world of everlasting college-dom, drinking games, and raucous partying did not help matters. And, I just found out yesterday - 6 hours after booking a flight to visit my friend Wood over Labor Day weekend - that I have to fly to California this weekend for work instead. I was so looking forward to chilling in D-Town with Wood and her family, but alas, no break for me at the moment.

Despite the busy work schedule, I'm squeezing in another match.com date tomorrow evening. My first match.com date went remarkably well. The guy was friendly, fun, and entertaining. We talked a lot about music and shows and very little about work - amazing as we're both corporate lawyers and work's often all corporate lawyers have to talk about. He also taught me two random things, one of which was that the northern part of Texas is called "the panhandle" because it looks like a Panhandle!! Who knew! I can't remember the other random thing, but it was interesting at the time.

A funny thing happened on the way to the bathroom when I was crossing a stretch of heavily polished floor, thankfully out of sight of our table: I totally bit it. My heel slid on the glossy floor and I landed flat on my back in the middle of the hotel lobby (we had met at a hotel bar for drinks) surrounded by a crowd of milling gawkers, none of whom offered me their hand. I'd had three drinks so it was no easy matter rebalancing myself and getting back up on the slick surface. Yikes. I was still laughing about it by the time I got back to our table.

Tomorrow night, I'm meeting another guy from match.com for a drink after work at a place near where we both work. He sounds smart, interesting, and relatively normal. He's also bi-cultural (one European and one American parent - like me!) and 6' 4". Very nice. Overall he seems like a nice guy, so I'm almost - but not quite - looking forward to it. One can't get too crazy about these things, as I learned several weeks ago when one of the match.com boys cancelled on me 4 hours before the date! Hmph.
I'm headed to bed now to get my beauty sleep, and I'm crossing my fingers that work goes relatively smoothly tomorrow.
I'm starting to feel like I need a vacation!


Starshine said...

You're not going to be in the LA/OC area are you? It would be so fun to meet up, if only for a quick bite or a drink!

Gypsy said...

Oh, sleep. Elusive, fleeting sleep. Sigh.

I hope you get a break soon!

Sparky Duck said...

Boys just have to be so much better to dream about then work.

go you flirty bad ass you

Miss S said...

Ah yes, the panhandle. A New Yorker only hears that word when they are fighting off a persistent hobo...

Miss S

wordnerd said...

Very impressed that you didn't talk shop all night....wow, I guess there's hope for us suits eh?

Good luck on the next date! Remember, we're all living vicariously through you! Bring us some good juicy details!

Buttercup said...

Starshine - Unfortunately, San Fran and I don't think I'll have extra time. Hopefully next time b/c it would have been great to see you!

Gypsy - You too!

Thanks Sparky! :)

Miss S - Exactly. I just didn't get it.

Wordnerd - Slight hope for us suits. This guy is a IT guy so we'll see how the IT + Law combo goes. I'll keep you posted... (pun intended). :)

Miss S said...

No worries. You won't be alone. By December I will be in the middle of trying to act as the lead in a children's play, go home for Hanuka, study for and take finals as well as do all my assigned papers, pack for vacation, and still eat and party (I always have time to eat and party!).
Hopefully by that point though, you will be past this and sleeping blissfully. But then again, it would be holiday season, so what are the chances of that?
Plus it's freezing in the city. Ugh.

Miss S

InterstellarLass said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa there Nellie! I do believe I recall you stating that you are from, or at least have lived a good part of your life in Texas. And you didn't know about the Panhandle? Did you not have Texas History in 7th grade? If so, did you flunk? I'm pretty sure that's one of the first things they teach! I mean, being from the Praries and Lakes region, I am closer to the Panhandle Plains. Gulf Coast Girl that you are, do you at least know the Piney Woods? Hill Country? South Plains? And last, but not least, Big Bend Country? Oklahoma has a panhandle too, but I'm pretty sure they copied us because they're totally jealous that they aren't Texas!

Buttercup said...

Lass - I grew up in CONNECTICUT! My parents moved down to TX about 5 years ago, SO my ignorance is totally understandable.

Miss S - Enjoy your time now!

InterstellarLass said...

You know, Connecticut has a panhandle too. :)