Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Luscious Night Cream

Looking for a great night-time beauty treatment? I highly recommend Origin's "High Potency Night-A-Mins," a soothing, mineral-enriched cream that I've been using for over a year as my night-time moisturizer. The cream contains B-Complex, C, E, and A vitamins, minerals, and exfoliating extracts. According to Origins, with Night-A-Mins, "Skin awakens rested, renewed and richly replenished." Based on my experience, I have to concur.

In addition to recharging and hydrating my skin, I love that the cream smells faintly of the delicate fragrance of oranges. I find the scent very relaxing when I anoint myself before bedtime, and have found, on occasion, that others enjoy the scent as well. This is in stark contrast to another one of Origin's night time products, Plantidote: Mega-Mushroom Face Cream. The cream was great, but the smell was a bit too earthy for my tastes.


Wood said...

awesome. thanks.

gravelly said...

Might be a good present!

Anonymous said...

oh buttercup and bean, help me out and do my meme (well it rhymes outloud)

and thanks that will be a good gift idea for Mrs Duck too

starshine said...

I would have to concur that I'd much rather fall asleep to the scent or citrus than mushrooms. Eewww.

Gypsy said...

Thanks for the tip! I know I need to start using more hydrating products, but my skin get so oily.

If you have eye cream tips, bring those on, too. I have sensitive eyes, and nothing has been gentle enough.

Buttercup said...

Wood - Tell me what you think.

Gravelly - For you?

Sparky Duck - We're honored. Our post will be up by tomorrow (still have to do TT). Tell us if Mrs. Duck likes it.

Starshine - Yeah. I so wanted to like it though. It's called "plantidote"!

Gypsey - My skin is kind of dry (and combination) so this cream works very well for me. It might be too rich/thick for oily skin, but it does not go on greasy so it might actually work. If you try it, please let me know what you think. (You can always bring it back if you don't like it).

mendy said...

I have oily skin as well, and there is a Night-A-Mins lotion. (Lighter than the cream, but with the same wonderful scent.) I have used this for years, and absolutely adore it.

Buttercup said...

Mendy - Thanks for commenting! I didn't even know there was a lotion, but I bet that would be great for oiler skin.