Monday, April 24, 2006

Victory Always Prevails

MySpace would be an awesome site if it had (in majority) respectable people, but reality is reality so MySpace holds all the crazies, perverts, girls who would do anything, guys who are well you guessed it..Guys. MYSPACE... It is a terrible site that pretty much sets someone up to fail in a relationship or create problems for themselves. Tex decided to create an account on MySpace. 1st, he doesn't know anything about computers and asked everyone else but me to help. 2nd, he refused to give me his password...Weird when I know all emails, bank accounts, etc. But not a MySpace. Bothered, I made an account for myself without him knowing...and low and behold after he said "oh I met my high school buddies, joe tom and mark"...I said well who the f*** is Natasha and Shannon?? He responded stating that they were high school friends, never touched them, never kissed them and never considered them as more than... Well, well. That just isn't good enough for ME! If they're only friends 1) Why lie about "re-uniting" with them online?? 2) Why do you both flirt clearly online (you thought I wasn't looking) 3) Take the BITCH off because I don't take shit and I don't like **** conversing with my husband. (this approach is bound to start a fight... glad I have the upper hand).

This all happened friday morning... Clearly, Tex wasn't prepared for what I had to say. He went into defense mode. I am just not sure what he DIDN'T hear because his only comeback was "they are my friends, you will not control me, and how do I explain to them why..." (HOLD UP! Bi*ch*s don't get explanations, your wife gets explanations and compliance till death do us part.) That didn't go well, so the word divorce spread throughout the house easily and bluntly. That got his attention. So for friday night...divorce was lingering in the atmosphere as well as silence. Tired of arguing and him upsetting me more with his rude comments; I didn't say a word... I would cock my head and flash a "smart-ass-grin" just to bother him and then walk away not responding to his "I love you" or this and that...So far things were going my way. Saturday came and still annoyed I left the house all day. Once I came home and tired of arguing still, I laid on the couch and put my legs on his lap. He began to try and flatter me with kisses on my leg, then my belly, then up my arm and on my face. I denied any contact with my lips. I replied to his kisses with "You know I love you, but you aren't going to have sweet me until you take that shit off the internet. Fix the problem. I am going out to play pool." I jumped up and got dressed to go out. He was absolutely flustered when I came out wearing a cute top, hair done, and wallet in hand.

He decided that he needed to go out with me. We didn't converse the whole drive to MY destination (45 minutes). We played a few games of pool and continuously he would try for my hand or for me. I threw him all the evil looks I could and said "all you have to do is ONE thing... Choose marriage or internet relationship??" Sounded very easy to me. Then more silent treatment came. We arrived home at 1:00 and I told him "what do you want the couch or the bed? Choose." He said he wanted the bed so I gathered my pillows and the comforter and laid on the couch. (He hates it when I don't sleep next to him, he is always worried that someone will break in and hurt I wasn't surprised when I awoke in the middle of the night to find him on the couch next to me and then I found him in bed in the morning hoping I didn't know he had slept next to me all night.).

So, so far, plan is well...He knew I was pissed because I didn't hold back, he knew that I would divorce him in a heart beat if he wouldn't comply. He knew his kisses wouldn't win me. He knew he had to make a decision and he knew he wanted me. So Sunday we were distant and finally victory was mine. After all the verbal comments, etc. It was seduction that won. He can't resist me and he knows he will loose me. He told me his account is shutting down. He decided to not have it at all which is fine with me. But fair is fair so I will shut mine down as well. I love victory and although this has been a disappointing weekend. I know we are stronger as a pair because we fixed the issue. I WON.


SisterFriend said...

Dear Bean,

Wow, girl! You went extreme, but you meant business, and I respect that! You are SOOOOOOOO right when you say "HOLD UP!....your wife gets explanations and compliance till death do us part." That is, after, the agreement you made when you said "I do!". And I say, good for you for demanding that you be treated in a way you deserve. Frankly, you made me feel proud to be a woman.

SisterFriend said...

I meant to say "after all", not just "after".

Bean said...

Thank you sisterfriend