Thursday, April 13, 2006

In-Laws Make Me Crazy

I can't wait to move away from Park City... Now I know I won't be moving soon but everyday I will glance at costs of living in Texas as well as jobs etc. Right now Tex and I live in a town where his whole family lives. Need I say more??? Well, I do have more to say...I will start with someties inlaws are bearable but for the most part the whole time they talk my stress level rises and frankly I try not to listen to what they have to say because it is unintellegent, annoying, and underminding me.

So last night when they "inlaw fam-damn-ly" came over...let's just say I am ecstatic that my tongue wasn't bleeding within the first 5 minutes of them opening their mouths and speaking. I literally bit my tongue the whole time while in their presence. I am fortunate that Tex loves the way he does because majority of the evening he would glance over at me and proceed to cut them off in their communication. (He knows that I will only be respectful and hold back for so long). For starters, my inlaws are low class and by this I mean they don't know how to act appropriately and present themselves in a good manner, at least I don't think so. Secondly, they have received much education and therefore, they are not knowledgable on many issues...This is not being rude, it is truthful. Like I said above, they are bearable but for the most part...I can NOT wait to move away from the inlaws, the cold, and the past.

While biting my tongue, they proceeded to say that one of them has been diagnosed with a disease only transmitted by animals and they targeted my precious puppy and 2 cats. Right away I thought in my head "of course now you will make your problems and shit my responsibility". Then a rapid though raced through my head saying "then don't come over to MY house if you think you are sick from it!" They continued to assume and rudely say that this is why Tex is sick and blablablabla... After 2 beers, a red bull and vodka, and an hour of this shit my head was pounding. I felt as though I was being targeted by some monkeys who can only communicate in jibberish language. But at least the alcohol promote my imagination and humor so I could falsely put on a smile or laugh to myself instead of blowing up on their stupid incompetent non-sense.

Anyhow, I just had to let that out. The night ended up well...they went home, so Tex and I enjoyed some time to ourselves watching TV and relaxing. I guess there is no protocall to deal with annoying people especially when they are inlaws but to not be around them unless absolutely necessary. But what I know is that this living situation (living in the same state as them) will not work out. I can deal with it for a bit more but not very long. Fortunately Tex understands and feels the same way about his family. He just prays and hopes that they don't follow us to our hopefully soon and new location! (I am so glad through the past years I have been able to calm down and contain my temper because they would have been in for a ride last night with their accusations against my animals and other rude gestures and comments.) Thank goodness for each and every new day.


Ally Bean said...

I felt as though I was being targeted by some monkeys who can only communicate in jibberish language.

LOVE this line! I, too, have the same reaction to my in-laws. Only I can't post about it because my SIL reads my blog regularly and would get very bent out of shape if I said one negative word.

Thanks for the chuckle, sorry about the visit.

Buttercup said...

Sounds like you did a good job, under trying circumstances, of being supportive of Tex. Good job Sweetie.

Tracy said...

If you and Tex move, you guys (read Tex) might need to put down a big ole' boundary with the out-laws and say, "We need some distance. We'll be happy to visit, but PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW US TO TEXAS!"

;) Hang in there!