Friday, April 21, 2006

Dinner Date

Bean and I just had a dinner date. How did that happen you ask? Through the magic of cell phones of course! I came home from work today hungry and stressed, feeling a little lightheaded and like I really needed to relax but not knowing how to do it. How do you relax when you're living with someone and fighting and you come home to find him watching a 3-hour hockey game?

The incessant sound of sports is just not conducive to relaxation. Have you ever tried to take a bubble bath with the sound of an arena and announcers screaming in the background? It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. It's like riding the subway and being blasted from every direction by a chaotic roar of sound. The opposite of the soothing, chimed filled space I need right now, and completely different from when the Swedes are playing.

I was hungry because I had been working on getting something out the whole day and didn't have a chance to grab something for lunch. So, by 8:15 pm when I returned home, the only thing I had put into my body was a toasted raisin bagel with one fried egg and a 1/2 slice of low fat swiss cheese, a cup of coffee, and a pack of trident gum. I was so hungry that I didn't want to eat. Thinking about food was making me feel mildly sick. Do you know the hunger I'm talking about?

Boyfriend was eating a piece of pizza that he had ordered for himself. Swell. Of course there's nothing in the fridge, and the only thing that would have taken a few minutes to make was Annie's Mac n Cheese. I thought about it but then had to get away from the roar and the apartment. I wandered for a while, not really sure where I was going to go, and then decided to have some Thai food. There's a cute place near 26th and 8th Ave. The lighting is nice and cozy with brown wood, orange/red table cloths and candles on each table. It sounds fancy, but it's really quite simple. I had my standard comfort food: Tofu pad thai and a Singh beer. Yum. Too good actually because I ate almost the entire plate.

After I ordered, I called Bean and she was there! Yippee. Here's how the conversation started:

Bean: Hey, How are you?
Buttercup: Shitty. How are you?
Bean: Shitty.
Buttercup: Awwwwh.
Bean: But I'm just pouring myself a red bull and vodka so I'm a
little better.
Buttercup: I'm just taking my first sip of beer, so I'm a little
better too!! (mutual giggles)
Seems Bean and I had similar weeks and similar issues. :( We ended up chatting about them all through my pad thai and beer, her red bull and vodka, me paying the check, me buying a bottle of Goats Do Roam red wine, and me returning to my abode. (Don't worry, I talked quietly so as not to annoy the other diners.)

She's in Utah and I'm here in NYC, but it really felt like we had a lovely dinner together. It would be nice if it didn't have to end with the click of the phone, but I'm glad we at least had the chance to catch up.

I miss you Beaner!!


Tracy said...

Ohhhhhh! Sister chats are the best! My family is constantly singing the praises of unlimited cell phone minutes (after 9pm, of course)!

gravelly said...

I also love dinners by cell phones, with friends and/or kids. Hope the dinner made you feel better, Buttercup!

Prue said...

Aw - your dinner date sounds great! I have missed your blog during the last few weeks! The internet just got hooked up in my new abode and I have been trying to get caught up. I just read your Free Tibet post. The interview most certainly went better than you think - in my very limited experience, they always do. I can't wait to talk to you about it when you have time. I miss you!

Bean said...

Yeah I am a great dinner date huh buttercup. It was fun, will have to do it again.
Love you!